Gender and Identity

Life of a teen aged Latino Male


I am a full time student, a son, and also a brother. In school I am a hard worker and try to the best of my ability to get good grades. I stay out of trouble and follow directions. I dress like any teen aged boy would dress now a days. At home I am a normal teenager, I help my parents around the house if they need it. I am athletic and also very respectful to my peers.

In the play Twelfth Night, the character Malvolio is a servant to Olivia. Malvolio sees himself as a perfect person, a person who never does anything wrong. Malvolio thinks he is a very mature, smart person, even though he belongs to the lower class. He believes that he ranks in the higher class, and believes that he deserves respect from everyone. Malvolio stated "To be count Malvolio" (II.v.30). This shows that he does expect respect from people, and hopes to be treated with respect in the future.


There are a few positive and negative things that apply to me because of my gender. A negative thing is people expect me to get bad grades in school, and behave bad also. A positive thing is people expect me to work hard and that motivates me in school and when i'm doing stuff out of school. A negative thing that apply's to my gender is people think that teen age boys like myself, tend to party and do bad things out of school. A positive thing about my gender is that we can intimidate people by our physical appearance.

Malvolio is a male that experiences gender drastically. Malvolio is forced to act like a tough servant for Lady Olivia. Lady Olivia sends Malvolio to tell Sir Toby and Sir Andrew to quit all their drinking and to stop making so much noise in the middle of the night. If he weren't male, Lady Olivia probably wouldn't sent him to do most of her stuff. For example, she wouldn't of send Malvolio to go give Cesario the ring. A benefit for his gender is that he can pretty much obtain a different job opposed to if he were a female. He experienced his gender when they locked him up for being "crazy", if he were female they would not of locked him up like that.


Teachers see me as a quiet kid, a kid who doesn't want to be involved in school. When in reality i'm quiet so I can focus on what we are learning and also let other students focus as well. My peers may see me as a bad influence, as a kid who does bad things because of teenagers reputations now a days. In reality though, I try my best to behave, although I do bad things once in a while, they aren't horrible things. My parents see me as a normal teen who has their up's and downs, who stresses over school. But in reality I don't stress that much about anything, i just go with the flow and let things happen.

I believe that other characters in Twelfth Night see Malvolio as a cocky person. They see him as a crazy person for acting like he is in the high class even though he is in the lower class. They see him as a hypocrite because he is always judging what everyone else does, but he doesn't notice his own mistakes. People perceive him being fake acting like he is a good person when in reality he does mistakes too. Maria states "The devil a puritan that he is, or anything constantly but a time pleaser" (II.iii.130). This quote shows that Maria thinks that Malvolio isn't all that good like he makes himself seem. She sees him as a really conceited person.

Similarities & Differences

A similarity between Malvolio and myself is that we are both male.

A difference between Malvolio and myself is that he is a cocky person and I am not. I don't think less of others like Malvolio does. I treat everyone equally with respect, unlike Malvolio who thinks that lower class people deserve less respect compared to the people in the higher class. Also Malvolio has no type of humor, unlike me i have a lot of humor. Malvolio criticizes everything and everyone no matter what they do. That is another thing we don't have in common, I do not criticize everyone nor everything. Also, Malvolio is a party-pooper and likes to ruin everybody's fun moments.

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