Ancient Greek Civilization

The Golden Age of Greece

Importance of Ancient Greek Civilization

Many contributions were made by Ancient Greek civilization, which led to the development of western civilization in both America and Europe. These contributions were made in science, mathematics, government, literature and philosophy.

Famous Greek Philosophers

Three Areas of Acheivement

Ancient Greek civilization had many areas of achievement that are still seen today.
  • Government - Athens was a democracy, where the people were part of the government. Males served as government officials and served on juries during court trials. Citizens also had the freedom of speech. These achievements are seen in the United States government today.
  • Military - Sparta prepared boys and men for self-defense and war through training and the creation of an Army. The United States uses this same philosophy by recruiting and training young men through the Armed Forces and preparing them for war.
  • Sports - Ancient Greeks had a strong emphisis on sports and athletics. They created the Games held at Mt. Olympus, which today are still carried on known as the Olympics.