The Singley Street Journal

December 10th, 2015


12/15: Report Cards Available on Genesis

12/16: 1/2 Day for Students, Afternoon Conferences

12/17: Regular Day for Students, Evening Conferences

12/18: No School for Students, Morning Conferences

12/21: 1/2 Day for Students, Evening Conferences

12/23: 1/2 Day for Students

12/24-1/3: Winter Break

CS First and

This week, students were challenged to learn to code! With our first grade buddies, students did an Hour of Code where they played various games and beat different levels. They also had the opportunity to be teachers and help their first grade buddies. They were incredible role models and I so enjoyed seeing them all work together.

Our class started our first coding adventure with Google's Computer Science Program CS-First. this is a bit more challenging for students because they are going to be creating a final project at the end. Our first theme, or program, is Storytelling. Students have used the website to learn how to create sequencing, new sprites (or characters), create dialogue, add wait time, and so much more! Be sure to ask them about our new project!

It's All a Piece of Cake

This week, students learned about Idioms. We spent time talking about the definitions of idioms as well as different examples. Students then created their own idiom posters!

In Reading Workshop, we have also been talking about character traits. Students have spent time thinking about the thoughts, actions, and words of characters. By looking at these traits, students define a character's relationships, motivations, and personalities.

Fractions! Fractions! Fractions!

It is that time in Fourth Grade where we have started our discussion on Fractions. Students spent time in the beginning of the week looking at fraction pieces, fractions on a number line, and fraction equivalence.

We also learned a new game this week: Fergie the Nerdie! (Ask the crew, they LOVE this game!)

Writing Workshop

Students are working on writing personal essays in our current unit. Our favorite activity this week was picking a topic such as family, sports, the environment, friends, or education and free writing our opinion about such topics. Students were able to give reasons, examples, and really push their thinking about these topics.

Students were then asked to reread old entries and pick their personal thesis that they will turn into a published piece.