claiming its next victim?

what is suicide exactly?

suicide is when a person desides to end their life.

* this picture is of somebody being stereotyped. stereotypes can cause a person to feel bad about themselves and feel worthless, which in the end, can be a big factor in somebody deciding to take their life.

what can cause a person to take their life?

~There is a very strong link between suicide and bullying. whether it's the original bullying, or cyber bullying, it is a very big issue, and has caused many to commit suicide.

Suicide happens to be the third most leading death among teenagers and young adults, with about 4,400 deaths every year. It's been proven that over 14% of high school students have thought about committing suicide, and close to 7% have actually attempted it. But where does bullying come into this? Bully victims are more likely to commit suicide by 2 to 9 times more than people who have not been bullied.

~Stress, worries, and pressure can also be factors in this life-changing decision. Things like parental divorce, moving to a new location, moving to a new school, and any other big change in a persons life, can cause distress and anxiety. Even physical and sexual abuse can cause a person to commit suicide.

~Depression can cause a person to commit suicide. Depression can make a person feel worthless, and sometimes make a person feel like they aren't worth it and that everybody would be better off without them. Approximately 75% of people who have committed suicide, have suffered from depression.

are there warning signs?

there are actually many warning signs.


  • they might start abusing drugs or alcohol
  • they might talk or write about death or destruction
  • they might become agressive: getting into fights or have arguements with people
  • they might become reckless and do risky or dangerous things


  • their personality might change: they dont act like themselves
  • their eating habits change: they lose appetite/ or are gaining weight
  • they lose interest in their friends, their hobbies, or apperance , or even their sports that they once enjoyed.

Whether we choose to ignore the warning signs and not do, or say, anything, or actually do something and help them, its our choice. but we should choose wisley because our choice can either save, or help end somebodys life.


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