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Experienced Optometrists - 50 Years

Best Vision Care - Promised

Looking for quality Prescription Eyewear?

Our 50 Years of Optometrist experience have helped thousands with their short sighted, long sighted and presbyopia problems.

Need reading, computer or children eyewear - We love to help.

Quality Lenses - Healthy Sight

Your vision means everything to us!

For your complete vision care, we use only the best lenses.

Transition, Crizal, Hoya.

Call 6836 7807 for an appointment now!

We are located at Palais Renaissance #03-13.

Stylish Frames - That Last!

We offer the best and latest in designer glasses - Tag Heuer, Alain Mikli, Philippe Starck, Valentino, Tom Ford, Lindberg and many more! Find your right glasses with us!
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