Camp Can Do News

September 4, 2015

It Started with a Spider

Last NWEA testing this week and the campers did a great job! Look for more information to come about this assessment.

Our reading toolbox is filling up quite nicely! This week we explored the idea of cause and effect. We looked back at Arthur's Pet Business to find events that happened and caused other events to happen. Once we started looking we realized that these events don't have to be giant but can be everyday occurrences. We practiced this in small groups, on our own, and in our Friday reading circles. Something exciting happened as well! Many campers found cause and effect in our everyday activities too!

Writing and reading worked together this week! Our story by Doreen Cronin, Diary of a Spider, gave us a chance to try diary or journal writing. We looked over several diary type books and made a list of structures we would usually see in a diary or journal. Then we worked inside our own diary each day during writer's workshop. Since we noticed in our exploration that diaries tell stories, keep track of a day's events, have lists and pictures or drawings, and can look like a letter we had quite a variety of writing to work with!

In word study, our first try at differentiated lists worked out pretty well! The campers listened for their words and got them down! I am very proud to see them using the patterns we are highlighting and noticing them in their reading and writing. Great job on the ten transfer or unknown words! I love seeing them using the patterns! That is our goal as etymologists!

Check out your camper's SeeSaw portfolio! We have a new item added!

All About Math

Scrolls, End of the Year Assessment, and a Zebra

Great week of mathematical thinking! We tackled place value, comparing numbers, telling time and reading the clock, and using our reference book. We learned two great games that tested our problem solving and reasoning skills: Less Than You and Number Squeeze. Challenge your camper to a game of each! They can show you how to play but be careful the are pretty hard to beat!

A new math app was also introduced called Math Slide. It comes in several versions for fact fluency, place value, and number recognition practice. The cool thing about this app is it can accommodate up to 4 players at a time.

Everyday Math usernames and passwords are inside your camper's binder. I have checked to make sure they all actually log in and they do! Yeah! The login page link is below. You can also find it on our webpage. You can find great practice for fact fluency and all of our skills as well! It seems this works best on a desktop or laptop computer. Some glitches have been reported when on other devices.

Congratulations Corner

Lots to celebrate this week!

*Cougar Crew Member: Noah - Our common sense star!

*Gold Ticket Awarded to the whole camp for their hard work on the NWEA reading test!

*Our LFL presentation is just about ready to go!

*Great job with our 4th grade friends who visited us Thursday morning!