Ancestors of Pueblo

What about the Anasazi

They built dams, ditches, and canals, they were very useful from where they live. Their houses were made of adobe and stone and it was like apartment buildings were everybody lived in one building but in seperate rooms. They also built roads for trading routes that was very smart, and the craftsmen made beautiful pottery and other things like jewelry and woven baskets. They left from many droughts too.

The Adena

The Adena lived in Ohio in about 7000 BC, they grew squash, sunflowers, and barely. They made great copper jewelry and pottery. Last, they built burial mounds out of log like things.

Some pictures of the Adena


Also known as the Eastern Woodlands

They weren't originally from Ohio, they arrived in Ohio in 300 BC. They also built mounds and some were 40 feet high and 100 feet wide. They lived with the Adena and they were both known as "Mound Builders".


They were in Mississippi of course, it's in the name. Had plants like corn and beans to increase population, and the increase of population meant that they needed new land. More land meant they had a lot of cities and some were up to 10,000 people, they largest was Cahokia. In the middle of that city was a large mound 100 feet high base and 14 acres. Surrounding that mound was 120 smaller mounds.