Bright Beginnings Buzz

September 2019

Hello everyone! I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy this first week of school! Most of us are having a great start to our year! Some of us may be having a harder transition being away from home and this is totally normal! :) The best cure for this is to talk about how much fun they will have at school, have a quick good bye and drop with teachers. We find it easier to calm and comfort when parents are out of sight. :) It typically takes a few days (which can be a month for Kids Morning Out). Thank you for your support and patience as we work to help our little ones adjust to this new endeavor. :)

We will use e-mails, facebook (be sure to like our Bright Beginnings page), and DOJO to share information, including prayer requests, to let you know if help is needed within our Bright Beginnings families and to help stay connected.

You guys are AMAZING and we are so excited to be off to a great start for our 17th year! If you have any questions or concerns please always let me know, we are all partners in our children's childhood experience and we want to keep our lines of communication open! Here are some tidbits for you.

September at a glance

Theme: Designed by God so I must be special

Bible Verse: "God said I know you by name" (Exodus 33:17)

Fruit of the Spirit: Self Control

3 - Classes begin

3-6 - Lunch bunch session 1 registration and trial week registration

9-13 - Lunch bunch trial week and continued registration

10 & 12 - Children's Church

16 - Lunch bunch session 1 begins (6 week session)

23 & 25 - Eye Exams (optional)

26 - Dayton Philharmonic quartet visits

Children's Church

Our Children's Church adventures begin next week for our preschoolers and Kindergarten Exploration kiddos! Children may bring change in on the day they go to children's church if they would like. We will be taking up a collection "Change for the Children" to help our sponsored children in Africa and also to help with our many mission opportunities.

Lunch Bunch

Registration is happening now, and the first session begins Monday, September 16th! The trial week is September 9-13. We are so excited to be able to offer extra-curricular activities for our little ones during the day to alleviate running around at night. :) Many of the classes are close to being filled and may have closed out for session I...if you are interested in registering your child for a class please contact Cindy in the preschool office or at

Parent Connection

Our Parent Connection is gearing up for a busy year of connecting parents through table talks, missions, bible studies and special events. Our first Table Talk will be the study of "Mom Set Free." We will begin on Tuesday September 10th from 10-11:30 am. Childcare is available, please RSVP to Becky Frost at if will be joining us and if you need childcare.

Fitness Blender Classes

"Never miss a Monday!" Make that a reality by joining us on Monday mornings at 9 a.m. We will begin on Monday, September 9th. Please bring a yoga mat or towel, and water. Sign up today, email Becky Frost at!

Illness Alerts

We want all of our little ones to stay healthy so they can learn and grow. If your child is ill please let us know. We like to include them in our prayers and we also send out an Illness alert to the other families in class so parents can be on the look out for similar symptoms. We never use children's names in an illness alert.

Fall Pictures

We have picture information being sent home in the next few days. Pictures will be taken by our own preschool family #9 Photography the week of October 7th.

Eye Exams

We are excited that one of our church members, Dr. Kara Hampton from Springboro Vision Center in Springboro, is coming to do eye screenings for our little ones. It is so important that children are checked early on so that any problems can be addressed to ensure success in learning. Dr. Hampton will be here on September 23rd and 25th. You will be receiving a form to sign if you are interested in having your child screened. If you have any questions please let us know. Many thanks to Dr. Hampton!

Movie Mania

We hold movie nights every other month, beginning in October to give parents a night off and to give the kiddos a fun night with friends in a safe, supervised environment. We have food, activities, a movie and fun! Another email will be going out shortly with more info.

Dayton Philharmonic

The Dayton Philharmonic will be visiting Thursday, September 26th at 9:30am - 10:00am and 1:30 -2:00pm. If your little one comes on Mondays and/or Tuesdays, please feel free to join us at either time to enjoy the Philharmonic experience!

Weather/Fire/Safety Drills

We will be conducting drills throughout the year to ensure our little ones know exactly what to do in the case of an emergency. We explain what, how and why before hand to alleviate fears. We are very careful to keep it positive. When we have a fire drill the alarm does sound, which can be a scary sound for a lot of children. This is why we warn them ahead of time at first. If your child comes home and tells you there was a drill be sure to take the time to talk about it and work on a safety plan for your home as well. :)

Special Event - Dr. Jenni Jacobs

  • My kids are driving me crazy!
  • I yell at my kids all the time!
  • I’ve tried everything and nothing works!
  • I can’t say anything to my kids without it turning into a battle!

Does this sound like you? You are not alone. Parenting is hard.

Help is on the way! Join us for dinner and a 2 hour workshop that will change the way you view children. Dr. Jenni Jacobs will present The Psychology Behind Behavior on September 25th from 6:30 – 8:30.

This training is a must-have for all teachers and parents of young children. This unique workshop blends the worlds of psychology and early childhood to help you understand why children (and adults) behave the way they do. We’ll take a deep dive into behavior and look at how the brain influences behavior and the typical reasons why children misbehave. You will walk away with a better understanding of why the children are doing what they are doing, insights into your own reactions, and strategies to help.

The most requested trainer in the greater Cincinnati area, Dr. Jenni Jacobs is the founder and CEO of The Learning Professor where she develops high-quality courses in early childhood education. As a former professor, classroom teacher, and parent she brings over 28 years of experience in working with children.

There’s no instruction manual available for teaching and parenting children, and it is Jenni’s passion to make this job easier and to help parents and teachers feel less stressed and more successful. Her approach is energetic and compassionate, but she’s not afraid to tell it how it is.

Here's what others have said:

  • “This class changed how I view children. I wish I would have had this information when my children were younger! Every parent should take this class!”
  • “Thank you for this course! It has really helped me understand my students as well as my own children. It also gave me coping skills for myself to try and remain calm.”

Please feel free to invite friends and family!

To register, please click on the following link:

Pre-School pick up line

You are all doing a great job with the pick up line/ dismissal so far! :) As a lot of you who have been here before know, the pick up line is a quick and easy way to safely get our little ones to their parents. The first few days are usually a little rocky as we all learn the system, but then it's a breeze. Here are a few important things to remember:

We dismiss from

- 11:45-12:00 for am preschool students

- 3:45-4:00 for pm preschool students.

- 4:00 for PM Kindergarten Exploration

Our Kids Morning Out children are dismissed from their classroom and do not utilize the pick up line. Please do not feel the need to be here right at dismissal time. It takes a few minutes for our classes to get situated and we dismiss those whose parents are waiting inside first and then we go to car line. Coming at 11:50- 11:55 or 3:50-3:55 will help to space it out and avoid long lines. Once our teachers start dismissing the line goes very quickly.

  • Fridays go faster because we have fewer classes.
  • You have been doing a great job staying in line, moving up, staying in your car, pulling up, not going around cars and etc.- KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! :)

To clarify:

  • Pick up route- Go through the parking lot (enter the parking lot at the entrance closest to 741) and wait until the line in front of the church starts moving (we will wave you into the line).

In order to help keep our pick up line running smoothly please remember the following:

  • Kids Morning Out dismisses from class- please park in side lot and come in front door
  • Let others who may be picking up your child know our procedure
  • If you are picking up your child from inside please park in the side lot (by the Eagles) and walk across the street to enter through the front door. Please do not park in the parking out front if you are walking in to pick up
  • Please stay in your car. The teachers will place your child in the car and you can pull up past the alley to help buckle.
  • Please do not pull in front of the church until first checking to be sure you are not cutting in front of someone from the parking lot.
  • Please do not leave children unattended in cars.
  • Please do not park on the side of the church or in front of the church

Thanks for helping us keep our pick-up line safe and efficient and our neighbors happy! :)

Mission for September - Patriot Day

For Patriot Day, we are challenging everyone to participate in one random act of kindness. This can be something your family decides together, or you could bring in something for the Springboro Community Assistance Center's backpack program. At this time, they are in need of: individually packaged goldfish, granola bars, fruit snacks, applesauce packets, lollipops etc. that will be made into week-end goody bags. :)

Your kiddo can also dress in red, white, and blue to show their pride for our country if they would like to!

About the backpack program:

Each day many children go home to houses with no food. Many times the only food they have is the food that they get at school. S.C.A.C. (Springboro Community Assistance Center) works with area groups to help send back packs full of food home with these children on Fridays for the week-end.

Prayer Requests

  • Prayers for Ric C. and family for healing
  • Prayers of healing for Ben Morkel
  • Jacob G. who was diagnosed with leukemia and has just started treatment.
  • Nova is home and doing well, please pray for continued recovery

We hope this has been a great start to a fantastic school year for everyone. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

God bless,