Night Shade

Newton's Laws

Newton's First Law- Newton's first law is shown When the ride is at rest it will stay at rest until an operator makes the ride move forward.

Newton's Second Law-Newton's second law is shown when the more weight that is on the ride, the more force it will take to move the carts.

Newton's Third Law-Newton's third law is shown when the ride goes upside down and the rides lean on the chest bar, the chest bar pushes back to keep the rider in the cart.


The is Circular motion in this ride when the roller coaster goes through a loop they are going in a circle. The ride also shows Straight line motion when the ride reaches they big hill before the drop.


Unbalanced force is shown when they ride leans against the chest bar. The chest bar is keeping the rider when the rider is putting force on it and the bar is pushing back with more force.

Gravity is shown to help keep the cart on the track along with electrical energy.

Friction is shown to help keep the rider in their seat.