Private Peaceful

My book opinion

Michael Morpurgo (writer)

Michael Morpurgo is a writer who has written a lot of books. One of them is Private Peaceful. I personay like this book, because it is talking about interesting theme-war. I also like historian books. The story is written as a memory on 306 soldiers that was executed like Charlie because of desertation and cowardice. They were pardoned in 2006.

A description

The main character in book is Thomas Peaceful. He lives with his mom, big Joe and his older brother Charlie. His dad died when he was just a little kid when Thomas and dad had gone to the forrest to chop dowdn some trees. Dad wanted to protect his son so he saved his life but Unfortunately he died. Thomas blames himself for father's death. He and his brother have a friend Molly. Both Charlie and Thomas fell in love with her, but Charlie started dating her. She got pregnant and meanwhile Charlie and Thomas went to the frontline in France. They are fighting arm by arm. Thomas went one day to a bar with his friends. There was a waitress Ana. He fell in love with her but he died after few days. Story ends with Charlie's execution. Thomas made a promise to Charlie that he will take care of Molly and his little baby named Little Tommo.