Suicide Prevention

Warning Signs


  • "I want to die"
  • "I wish I was dead"
  • "Nothing matters anymore, who cares"
  • "I just want to go to sleep and never wake up"
  • "I don't want to live anymore"

Non Verbal

  • Depression and hoplessness
  • Giving away possesions or otherwise setting affairs
  • Extreme sensitivity to what others say and do
  • Personality changes such as apathy or moodiness
  • neglect of or dramatic change in appearance

Get Help!

  • Talk to professionals
  • Talk with close family
  • Talk to the guidence counselor
  • counseling
  • Go to a friendly helping center

Prevent Suicide

  • Show them you care
  • Get professional help
  • make their homes safe
  • Talk directly about the problem and show empathy
  • Understand thier problem