Our Greek Play

Who Stole My Thunderbolts?


Every child has a script. I suggested that the students highlight their lines in one color of highlighter and the FIVE lines preceding them in another. It is important that they memorize all these lines. They will need to do so to come in on cue. We will be practicing every day. Scripts must go home each evening and come back in the morning. We will go scriptless one act at a time. No scripts on Monday for Act 1.

Things to coach your child on - VOLUME, facing the audience, being expressive, and gesturing.

Our synchronized dance (flash mob) is coming along. I am loving everything about this class right now. All 18 boys jumped into this with such enthusiasm. I have posted an instructional video and a performance video on my website. We only do the first 1:30 of the performance video. Any extra time - tee it up and put them in front of a mirror.


I have a very large number of costumes that I have collected over the years. All the girls are covered/costumed unless they can't find something that appeals to them. We will try some things on tomorrow so I can verify that everyone is happy. I have costumes for these boys - Carson, Eli, Andrew, Jusup, Satjee, Owen/Dionysus, Carver, Luke/Helios, and Forrest. I have parts of Quentin's and Harry's, but I believe they both need chitons (togas). Owen, Luke, Callahan, Oscar, Robert, Noah, Ben, and Asher need chitons. I have a costume for Lucas but it is in poor shape and may be a do-over. I have linked some poorly scanned directions. In the past, parents have purchased some inexpensive muslin or a sheet and sewn one up. Make sure that your child feels comfortable and not over-exposed. No t-shirts allowed. I have a few extra belts. The fabric store sells trim if desired. Thanks for your help with this. I know it is such a busy time, but, as you know, this play is our end of the year "event". A memory for all.

The Event

Our play is on June 10 at 7:00. Parents, siblings, and grandparents are all invited. There is

no need to arrive early. The doors will be locked until 6:50. There will be plenty of seating available. We will start when everyone has arrived. The play lasts about 50 minutes. The children should arrive in costume.

Afterwards, we always have a small party. I ask each family to bring a Greek dish to share. This is a little bit tricky this year with our food allergies, but I don't want to end the tradition. It gives us all an opportunity to compliment the children on their performances and to celebrate the moment. Head on over to the Food Network...

Please remember to bring utensils, bowls, etc. that might be needed to enjoy your contribution. I will provide napkins, small plates, juice, and cups.

Look for another email this weekend about upcoming field trips. I will also post some of the amazing How-To slide shows that the students are sharing. So cool!