Wireless Adapter Connection

First Things First...

Your Microsoft wireless adapter has already been installed on your projector. Woohoo!

Follow these steps to project your laptop screen through your projector:

Step 1

Turn on your projector and click the VIDEO button until you see HDMI1 appear (usually in the top right corner of your projector screen).
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Step 2

From the desktop screen on your laptop, click on the notifications icon in the bottom right corner.

Click on Expand.

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Step 3

Click on Connect and check your screen for your adapter's name.
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Step 4

On the right side of your laptop screen, you'll see a list of discoverable devices. Make sure you click on the one that matches YOUR adapter's name.

Click Connect

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Step 5

Your laptop screen should now be projected! Yay!
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Step 6

To get your teacher computer to project, click the Computer button.
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Things to Consider...

  • The Microsoft display adapters work best for a few hours or less a day. During your lunch period it is recommended to power down the projector to let the display adapter cool off.

  • The display adapter has a range of about 30ft, however issues can occur if the computer is close (3-9ft) to the adapter.

  • The easiest way to connect to a wireless display adapter is to use the Windows Key + K. It is also recommended to use the same set of keys to disconnect if you are not going to project your computer.