Immigration to TX


Italy Immigrant to TX

Bad climate greatest impetus for growth. the Aycock brothers built the first house on the present site of the town in 1879 and used it as a dwelling, grocery store, and post office.

Food and Years of Statement

The year of statement is 1860-1990 is the longest year of statement of all the Immigration during that time people are a very hard worker and poor. While they were in TX their foods is pasta,pizza,ristto ( rice dish). Mostly their food make with tomatoes.

Significant Immigrants to TX

The Italy significant immigrant to TX is Gabriel J.Penn he is the one who help the Italy immigration to TX.

The Holiday

They also have some of the same Holiday as the United State. They celebrate Copodanno which is (New Year), Padre Giomo (Father's Day), and Della Madre (Mother's Day).
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