Monday Oct 17th @ 7:15 in Coach DeGroot's class

Unit Review

I will be having an early morning review session on Unit 03 for anyone who is interested starting at 7:15. This will be one day only so both A & B day students are welcome!

We will discuss the following topics:

- Who discovered the cell and the 3 parts to the cell theory

- Difference between Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells

- Plant vs Animal Cell

- Types of cell organelles, what they looks like and what their function is. (Ex: Nucleolus, Mitochondria, Lysosome, Ribosome, Golgi Body etc)

- Parts of the Microscope

- Endosymbiotic Theory

- The relationship between cell organelles (Ex: What is the relationship between the nucleolus and the ribosome? Further more where does the Endoplasmic Reticulum come into play when dealing with the ribosome? Etc. Etc.)

Have the Unit 03 Quia Practice Quiz completed before the Unit 03 Test. I would also suggest watching the videos under the Unit 03 modules on Canvas and the Ed Puzzles as well as looking over your notes.

UNIT 03 REVIEW for BOTH A & B day students

Monday, Oct. 17th, 7:15am

C307 DeGroot's Class

I always bring 2 boxes of donuts as a reward for the kids that get here early and take on the responsibility of their grades. These go really fast as I have a full house of students LOL! If your child is coming and does not like donuts, but would like to participate in eating breakfast while we review please feel free to let them bring their breakfast! :) This is meant to be relaxed and come and go as you please.

If you have any questions over the weekend please feel free to e-mail me or the students have a remind me text from me that they can respond to and it will send a text to my phone!