Facts about element

Gallium was discovered by Lecoq De Boisbaudran. The element can burn off pieces of your body if you have no protection. Gallium is used in nuclear bombs. One of the biggest failed testing with the nuclear bomb was in a desert and it made a huge explosion that left weird green pieces of glass from the sand.

main facts

The element got its name because the french named it after galli wich means victory in the french language. Gallium is found in other metals but made in the earths core. The french found the element after the war they won. The solid form of gallium is a silver rock and its liquid form is a silver liquid.

Gallium photo

Gallium is a boss/ chicken wang!

atomic facts

The atomic number for gallium is 31. The atomic weight is 69.723. The number of protons is 2 neutrons 8 and protons 18. It is one of the medium weight elements.