Roberts Library Update

Week of February 18th

Library Classes This Week

Students will NOT need chromebooks this week.

Teacher of Innovation Challenge

Congratulations to the following teachers for getting a jump start on the Teacher of Innovation tech challenge!

Remember...every challenge completed earns a jeans pass and THREE IN A ROW earns the Teacher of Innovation luncheon in May!

**If you have completed a challenge, please invite me in to see it or snap a pic/video and send my way!

Congrats to the following AR Star Classes:

First: Mrs. Sanders' class- 89% accuracy!

Second: Mrs. Mitchamore and Mrs. Richards' class both have 80% accuracy!

Third: Mrs. Brown's Class- 88% accuracy!

Fourth: Mrs. Kneupper's class- 89% accuracy!

Congrats to the following AR Star Students:

First: Demectrus Hall has 18 points!

Second: Addilyn Smith has 25 points!

Third: Landon McGinnis has 25 points!

Fourth: Colbi Watshon has 87 points!

Classes Currently in the Lead:

First:Mrs. Cramm's class has 183 points!

Second: Mrs. Richard's class has 116 points!

Third: Mrs. Diehl's class has 157 points!

Fourth: Mrs. Kneupper's class has 406 points!

Look Who Made Reading Team!