Springfield Public Schools

Human Resources Department- March 2019

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Spring Break Administrative Office Hours

Springfield Public Schools Administrative Offices will be open the following hours during Spring Break 2019.

Monday-Thursday, March 11-14, 2019

Hours: 7:30-4:00PM (30 minute lunch break)

Closed: Friday, March 15, 2019

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Hiring Season Updates & Other Friendly Reminders

  • Full time staff vacancies for Bargaining Unit (teachers, librarians, counselors) will be posted as they occur and will remain open to internal and external applicants until filled or closed.
  • Bargaining Unit employees are eligible to apply for these vacancies until May 31.
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Valid Teaching/Administrator Certificate Reminders & Advanced Degrees

Staff members working in positions which require a Missouri teaching certificate are responsible for having an active certification in the appropriate content area in order to be hired for or continue to be employed by the District. Teachers with expiring certificates are required to contact the Department of Secondary Education (DESE) or HR for information regarding the appropriate process for renewal or application of teaching certifications.

  • DESE Certification Information
  • Be Proactive! Individuals can review when his/her certificate expires here! (Select Springfield Public Schools, Type in your name, social security number, etc.).
  • If you have recently received a teaching certificate, and are in a position that does not require a teaching certification, you will be required to change from the PEERS retirement system to the PSRS retirement system. This change will be necessary from the date the certification is attained. Contact HR to update your certification information.
  • If you have attained (not previously held) a Master's degree; Master's Plus 30; Specialist's degree or a 2nd Master's degree (comprised of at least 30 hours); or a Doctorate degree, submit all appropriate documentation to HR for a step on the salary schedule by one of the two designated times for a step increase- transcripts must be received by Sept. 15 or Jan. 15.
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Health Risk Assessments (HRA)-

So far this year (Dec. 2018-Feb.), 1,928 employees have taken advantage of obtaining a Health Risk Assessment! Health Risk Assessments will now be offered once per month at Mercy Building Conference Room – 2nd Floor 3265 S National. HRA is a confidential way to obtain information about your health that is part of your benefits with SPS. This year, employees will also receive a $50 for participating! When you receive your results, you can follow up with your doctor/medical resources to celebrate or to discuss next steps for healthier results. Wellness Department Information and Resources.

Information You Need For Your Appointment: HRA packet (to be completed and taken with you to your appointment).

To register: HRA Sign Up

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You Completed Your Health Risk Assessment, Now What? Well Coaching!

Mercy Corporate Heath and Wellness would like to help SPS employees get more out of their HRA this year!

Mercy would like to offer a program to provide you with additional support and resources to assist in these areas. Mercy's Telephonic Wellness Coaching program is a powerful concept that partners with a Mercy wellness professional to help you achieve your personal wellness goals. Because no two individuals have identical wellness needs, you work on-on-one with your Coach to design a program tailored to meet your unique, specific needs. The result is a plan that helps you achieve lifestyle changes that make a lifestyle changes in how you look and feel. This is a completely confidential and voluntary program available at no cost to you sponsored by your employer. If you have any questions or are interested in participating in this program, please contact Lindsay Foundopoulos (Mercy Corporate Heather & Wellness Educator) at 417-820-7626 or Lindsay.Foundopoulos@mercy.net

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Needing to create a Will?

Looking for tools to manage your debt?

Struggling with Life Issues?

Wanting to visit with a trained counselor in a private confidential setting?

New Directions can help. To learn more about this program: Employee Assistance Program (EAP) For questions, contact Jeff Rogers (Wellness Coordinator) at ext. 33510 or jarogers@spsmail.org

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Life Events

Contact Human Resources 417-523-4647 or humanresources@spsmail.org if you have moved, have a name change or need to update other personal information.

Human Resources Department

Don't hesitate to call or email if you have any questions!