Tidal Energy

What is Tidal Energy?

Tidal energy is basically energy from the moon that moves the tide which goes through a turbine and generates electricity. This way of collecting energy won't be very efficient since it doesn't produce a lot of it.

How is Tidal energy produced?

Tidal energy is produce by the moon ( and sun ) ( gravitation attraction ), which makes the tide move. There are these turbines that are underwater, when the tide goes in and out, it makes the turbine move which generates electricity.That leads to transformers and then to the city.

Advantages of Tidal energy

The advantages of tidal energy is that it is environmentally friendly and doesn't cause greenhouse gases. Also you don't need any fuel to power it, so that doesn't create any pollution. This energy is inexhaustible. We can predict the rise and fall of tides as they follow cyclic fashion.

  • Since this energy is environmentally friendly and is inexhaustible, it will be very excellent to use now.

Disadvantages of Tidal Energy

The disadvantages of tidal energy is that it ruins the habitats of marine life and birds. The location is very far from where all the cities and houses are. The cost of the construction is very high. Another problem is that if there are no tides, the turbine won't spin and there won't be any electricity to use. There are very few locations of where you can put tidal energy power plants. The amount of Tidal energy doesn't produce a lot, so it won't be that useful.