Visual Arts I

Final Exam Module

Inform: Modules 15/16 Due Monday 8/7/2017

Please turn in any missing work this week. The class closes Friday, and the Final Exam is due Friday as well. I opened it up, so you can get started on it. It is worth 25% of your total grade, so please take your time and give it a lot of thought.

Here is the Course Schedule with Due Dates. Check through to make sure you completed all assignments required by me.

Instruct: Final Exam Module - Due Friday, August 11, 2017

This Counts As Your Final Exam! It is 25% of your total grade. Make sure you do everything to get full credit. You can use google slides and email me your draft for me to make comments before the due date.

**Because this is your final exam, you will not post your project in a forum. You will send the document or link to your project to me using the upload link below. It will go directly in the gradebook. If you use google slides, you MUST CLICK SHARE IN RIGHT CORNER AND ADD MY EMAIL, or I can't access it.

Don’t forget to cite your sources and include the plagiarism statement from Course Documents/Course Syllabus!


Student Choice Logo

"I changed the color and made a simple edit to make the apple logo look more simple. As iphones progress they replace the many gadgets we used to use and make navigating the internet easy and simple. This new logo will also appeal to the minimalist movement that has gained a large following of people that want to simplify their lives. " - Nyami A, your fellow student
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Mastery Learning Digital Photography

M.L. Dig Photo

Class closes Friday, August 11. You must complete all work by then.