Monday Memo

December 9th - 18th

Events in December

December 14th-17th - Themed Dress-Up Days, Secret Santa Sisters & Holiday Party

December 18th - Joe's Cafe - Lip Sync performances with theater during school

End Of the Semester Fun!! Week of December 14th - 18th

Themed Dress-up Days

We will have 4 dress-up days in cheer class. You may dress out in your cheer clothes for the week, or participate in costume dress-up days.

· Monday- 1980’s Christmas – This is where “tacky sweaters” came from…only they were all the rage and they were not “tacky”

· Tuesday- Happy New Year’s – Glitter, sparkles, gold and black!

· Wednesday- Holiday Character Look-A-Like – Be your favorite character, Elf, Rudolph, Sugar Plum Dancer, etc.

· Thursday- Pajama Party!

· Friday- Joe’s Café Costume

Secret Santa Sisters (AKA: SSS)

Each cheerleader will chose another cheerleader’s name from a hat and this will be your SSS. Shhh!!! Don’t tell anyone who you have! Monday-Wednesday you will surprise you SSS with a little something following the day’s theme. Please spend only $20-$25 on you SSS so that each cheerleader receives gifts of similar value.

· Monday-Candy or a treat

· Tuesday- Beauty item of your choice (nail polish, lip gloss, hair accessory, etc.)

· Wednesday- Handmade/Homemade Item (Card, painting, drawing, bracelet, bandanna, t-shirt, cupcake, etc…)

Holiday Pajama Party on Thursday!

  • Bring your most comfy (school appropriate) PJ’s to wear for our Pajama Party. We will have hot chocolate, snacks, and sweets.
  • White Elephant Gift Exchange
  • We are trying something new this year, a white elephant gift exchange! If you would like to participate, bring a generic (something that anyone in cheer might like) white elephant gift for our white elephant gift exchange. This item should cost $5.00 or less, and the funnier the better.

Joe's Cafe

The FPMS Theater Dept. has put together a program for Friday, December 18th and they have asked the cheer team to participate with a performance. The nature of this program is a mass lip sync in the holiday spirit. Any cheerleader participating in this performance will be excused from their classes on Friday to perform each period (n o performances period 4-6).

Parents, there will be limited seating and we will not be stunting or tumbling in this performance. If you would like to come, I would suggest the 1st r 2nd period performances.