Phoenix Flyer

January 2018

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Spanish in the Woods

by Kristine Booncharoen

On November 30th, Mrs. Burroughs took her Spanish classes to Muir Woods. The purpose of the field trip was to enjoy nature and practice Spanish. The Spanish classes were reviewing the environment unit they had just completed. Mrs. Burroughs stated, “The students reflected on the effects what their everyday behavior has on the environment, their health, and their well-being.” Part of the unit was to study John Muir. Mrs. Burroughs asked for a bilingual park ranger. Mrs Boroughs explained, “The students had the opportunities to listen to the regionalism and linguistic variations of the two regions.” She thought it would be inspiring to see a Latino park ranger involved in the environment. One of the students on the field trip was Shane Melanson. He said, “It was pretty cool how the the light and the fog looked, because it was so early.”

Upcoming Basketball Events

by Celes Garcia Trujillo

Hey! Did you know our San Antonio basketball team will be able to play on a NBA court? The San Antonio basketball team will take a trip to Sacramento on February 26th, where they will play one game and then watch the Kings vs. Timberwolves.

There will also be games on the following dates: 2/14, 3/2, 4/17, and 4/27. Games will be held in Rohnert Park, Petaluma, and (maybe) Windsor.

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Spotlight on Ms Jackson

by Mary Cobleigh

Have you ever wondered what school is like in another country? Well, Ms. Jackson was in New Zealand when she was a junior in high school. I recently sat down with Ms. Jackson for a long conversation.

When asked what she was like as a student Jackson answered, “I was very quiet, and often unsure about my abilities. My favorite subject was chemistry, because the stuff made sense and at times it was quite challenging.”

Jackson attended Redwood High School, located in Larkspur, California. She also told me that all her siblings went there. Ms. Jackson went on to tell me, “I was on the swimming team for 3 years, I also was in band and played the flute. I got the experience to be a foreign exchange student all the way in New Zealand in my junior year. It was an experience I’ll never forget.” She went to college at U.C. Davis. “I originally majored in Biology because I wanted to be a pediatrician. I permanently decided Child Development was the right path. I ended with a Bachelor's Degree of Science, five years later. I went to San Francisco State a year later, because I wanted to get a teacher’s credential for Education.”

I asked how she found out about this school, “I started out as a substitute for Mrs. McGarry and the woman RSP teacher, named Mrs. McKegney before Mr. Carhart arrived here told me to apply for the job as her aide because the aide for her was leaving to stay home with her kids.” I also wanted to find out if she really wanted to work here or was she forced. She told me, “Yes, I wanted to work here and now when February comes around I’ll be here for six years.”

I’ve come to realize that sometimes teachers get to witness some either bad things or extremely funny things. She went on to tell me, “I can’t think of a single incident as a teacher that was funny but there are many. The worst incident that has happened to be as a teacher and in present time was losing Clara. I constantly see funny things in everyday life.”

Jackson was 16 when she got to go to New Zealand so her parents must have had something to say about her going, “They were excited about it, but since it was in the early 80s before internet came along. We had to rely on letters and rare phone calls.” I’ve only been heard about places in Australia so New Zealand was new information to me. So I asked about where she stayed and how was life like there, “I stayed in a town called, Upper Hutt right outside the capital city named Wellington. New Zealand is made up of three main islands, I was on North Island. Since, it’s in the Southern Hemisphere we started school in February. I wore a uniform that was a white blouse underneath a light blue dress. Cars would drive on left side of the road and I’m used to walking on right side of the road but everyone was on the left.”

She also had the experience to take a trip with Peace Corps. “In 1991, I was accepted in the Peace Corps and invited to serve in Haiti. The Peace Corps is a U.S. Government volunteer program that sends people developing countries to help improve lives. What I did in Haiti was training teachers to be better educators.” She was transferred to Dominican Republic for about two weeks and then went to Washington D.C for instructions on a new assignment. Then, Peace Corps sent her to Belize and she stayed there for 27 months. She informed me that living conditions weren’t the best, “I was assigned to a small village where I lived in a small hut with a thatch roof. I didn't have running water or a flush toilet. I took a shower in a bucket!” At this point, I realized she is a person who likes to travel. She told me she’s traveled through Europe, Canada, and Asia. In the future she wants to go back to New Zealand and visit Iceland because her parents had a great time there.

Poetry Corner

Basket of the Ball


Is the color orange that’s in my hand right before

I take the game winning shot.

The color is vibrant like the crowd’s energy,

The pressure on the last shot is building up

Like the pressure building up in the tea kettle.

The pressure and the hope is so high in the crowd that

I can almost hear the tea kettle’s whistling

Roaring in my ears.

by Celes Garcia Trujillo


Relax with water streaming,

Sleep and drift of dreaming.

Letting everything flow through,

You see colors green and blue.

Calming wind blows past the tree,

Carry away your worries, and set you free.

Zen garden music soothing to the ear,

Regaining strength and letting go of fear.

Drinking herbal tea that soothes,

Meditate and balance, practice yoga moves.

Use sweet smelling oils, massage your aching body,

Everyone should do this, make it a healthy hobby.

Strolling on the beach, bring back pleasant memories,

Live life to the fullest, many have done for centuries.

by Ayana Penders


Yellow, like the sun rising in the morning,

like a green bowling ball going down the lane.

It happens when,

I’m riding around town with my mom late at night,

I’m laying on a blanket watching the fireworks on Fourth of July,

looking at popcorn pop in the microwave,

getting positive feedback or support,

playing with pets,

going to my favorite restaurant.

It sounds like,

when I roll my window down and yell out to strangers,

screaming kids on a rollercoaster,

laughing about a funny joke,

a sigh of relief after you finish something big.

when you meet a new friend.

by Mary Cobleigh