Of Mice & Men By John Steinbeck

Smore Poster Project ,Sierra Ditizio


This story is about two men who travel together. Once in hiding for a crime they didn't commit , Lennie and Geroge find work at at a farm doing manual labor.Along the way they make many friends and one enemy,Curley, and his wife . Lennie becomes interested in his wife and his wife becomes interested in him .


Being able to let go of people who are not helping you in life.They first let go of the dog,then they let go of Lennie to show Geroge moving on.



From of Mice and Men

"Maybe everyone in the whole damn world is scared of each other"

Which Character I Can Relate to most

I feel like i can relate to George the most, in my friend group I am the one to help a friend and sometimes help them make hard decision , not to mention i have a little brother who i have to watch and take care of very often.
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My thoughts on the Book

Personally i enjoy most of the book , i enjoyed the surprise ending and how you become connected to the characters on they journey , the book is full of metaphors.