You Get What You Pay For!

Where do you want your students to get their information?

Recently students were doing research on the "Captains" of the technology world. Let's see what happens when they search online vs. database.

Google Search "Bill Gates"

  • First entry is a blog, not very biographical
  • Second, Wikipedia
  • Third, Bill Gates in the news...where's my biography?
  • 5th entry is (We will take a look at that page here.)
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Now, let's look at

What About Wikipedia?

Did you know that:

  • Bill Gates' photo was vandalized?
  • His photo was edited and marked-up with devil horns and Hitler mustache!

Now, Let's Look at a Search in Biography Reference Center

What do we have?

  • 203 Biographies, source for first biography entry is Leaders of the Information Age
  • 310 Trade publications such as Computer Weekly, Network World, Computerworld and more!
  • Academic Journals (written by experts), interviews and magazine articles

Results from Biography Reference Center

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Even More! Digital Images, Video, Audio!! ALL in One Place!

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BTW...Citations Too!

So where do you want your students to get their information??? Quality information that is accurate and reliable!! It's a no brainer!!
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