Daily Life

Terrains live on the same Earth that people lived on a thousand years ago. Everyday the under elevens go to the learning centre, the elevens to sixteens go to volunteering and the adults (over sixteens) go to work. They use an automobile vehicle to get around. Once a year during the month of the freezing, there is the presentation of ages. Every presentation the children are awarded a new opportunity.

The presentation of the ages

At the first age: a home and clothing

At the second age: girls receive hair ribbons and boys receive hats

At the third age: education permission

At the fourth age: second clothing choice

At the fifth age: beginning of play centre hours

At the sixth age: beginning of homework

At the seventh age: end of play centre hours

At the eight age: permission for girls to have their hair down and boys to take their hat off

At the ninth age: end of homework

At the tenth age: third clothing choice

At the eleventh age: beginning of volunteering

At the twelfth age: beginning of stage 2 of the learning hours

AT the thirteenth age: training automobile vehicle

At the fourteenth age: permission to be in the outer community

At the fifteenth age: automobile vehicle

At the sixteenth age: selection of profession

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To get around Terrains use an automobile vehicle. This incredible vehicle has four wheels and has a control centre including a circular wheel for steering. Drivers must be the age of fourteen for a training automobile vehicle and the age of sixteen for a real automobile vehicle. A photograph of this vehicle is provided underneath.
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Cuisine on land

Citizens eat anything from the great outdoors. Vegetables and fruit are the main cuisine our Terrains eat.