Superintendent Bahr Newsletter

October 2020

Happy October!

Dear Eatonville Staff, Families and Community Members,

What do you look for in the Fall or Autumn in a traditional year? Is it the crisp fall feel in the air, pumpkins and scarecrows? Is it making soup and staying inside to watch the football game or walking outside when the air is brisk? Do we look for the small things...the changing colors of the leaves...the wooly caterpillars and the geese flying in formation? Many of us have fond memories of starting schools and making new friends.

I hope you take time this season to talk about Fall and all its wonders with kids. This year in this Pandemic many things are different for us, yet nature remains the same: constantly changing with the seasons.

Every year I wonder about this time of year. I have long been fascinated by the changes that we are beginning to see in Fall and the colors that paint the trees with yellow, orange and red. How does this happen? Why are some years so brilliant and others less so?

A science lesson for this question reveals that the color yellow always exists in the green leaves. Carotene, the same pigment in carrots and egg yolks are present in leaves all Summer long. The green Chlorophyll in the leaves bleaches out after the first cold chill to result in the remaining gold color. The new tints we see are not new at all, they are colors that have been there all the time.

Reds, however, are caused by addition, the addition of something that was not present in the leaf before. These are called anthocyanins: the cell sap pigments. These pigments are carried in the sap of the tree. Wherever the sunlight hits the leaves or fruits like apples, the colors occur. This is a genetic tendency so apples that remain green have no anthocyanins.

Addition or subtraction. RED: Something new that circulates throughout the organism and reacts with sunlight or YELLOW: the discovery through subtraction that something brilliant was already there. Perhaps there is a lesson here for our organization this year in particular?

Eatonville schools has started our Hybrid model this week on September 28, 2020. Our focus is on the health and safety of all of our students and staff. A large effort of being healthy and well is part of our Whole Child Initiative . We are functioning in new ways to learn and grow whether remote or in person. We have established Chromebooks for all students this year as a 1:1 initiative. We have welcomed back our elementary school families with new DOH/PCDOH/CDC/OSPI Reopening Guidelines with joy and celebration.

This is a district that loves kids! This has remained constant: This is our Carotene!! And new ways to reach all children is being developed and refined as we move through these months: Remote and distance learning, Google classrooms, hybrid and in person, mask wearing and attestations to keep people safe in a social distancing setting…and so many other new ways of doing school. These are our Anthocyanins.

We remain committed to our ESD values of Creativity, Excellence, Responsibility, Character, Equity and Diversity. Schools serve as the natural environment for children in our community. Eatonville Strong: Strong Schools equals Strong Community remains as pertinent as ever this year 2020.

We know that the world continually changes, children grow and learn in leaps and bounds, and families gather each season to renew the year and celebrate the successes. As the leaves turn and fall, we know that they will serve as nutrients for the next batch of spring leaves that will grow green and strong in the Spring and Summer. The cycle of nature reminds us that there is renewal in growth and learning, and that change is welcome. We look forward to working with you as we navigate these changes this year and we thank you for the grace you have given us as we have moved through the last month.

Have a wonderful October!

Eatonville Strong 2020-2021!


Krestin Bahr, Superintendent

Video from Superintendent Bahr

Student At-Home Learning Stations

FAQs: Masks, Screenings and More

Click to view a variety and questions related to students returning to the buildings.

K-5 Students Return

Meet our Technology Team

Byron, Director of Technology

Big picture

Drew, Computer Technician

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Tylor, Computer Technician

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Sandy, IT Help Desk

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Kathy, IT Help Desk

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October A & B Grouping Dates

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Meet our School Board Student Representatives

Every year, two students from Eatonville High School are selected to attend School Board Meetings as student representatives. We are excited to share with your our two students for the 2020/2021 school year.

Thank you, Kelina and Angelina for your time and commitment.

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Preschool Student in Safari Hat Face Covering

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Masks, Masks, Masks

Student Safety Protocol Newsletter

NEW Ride 360

We are thrilled to announce we have partnered with Tyler Technologies to launch a new feature for parents to access their child's bus stop location, route and pick up time. Register today on the website: click here. Once you've registered on the site you may download the app. Refer to the attached directions for additional registration information.

Never Miss the Bus Again! Traversa Ride 360™ is a mobile app for Apple® and Android® devices. In addition, you can expect to receive direct messages regarding changes, delays and notifications specific to your child's route and stop. You may also directly message the Eatonville School District Transportation Office.

Don't delay, register today! Check back frequently as the routes may be revised as we roll out the new hybrid model.

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Please Send Pictures

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Please send us pictures of your child learning from home to

Grab & Go Meals

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Free & Reduced Meal Application

Due: October 15th

You may complete the application for free and reduced meals securely and confidentially online using the link below.

Many funding sources for schools are based on free and reduced numbers.

If you are receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP/TANF/FDPIR) benefits, your child automatically qualifies for free school meals.

Please follow these steps to complete the form electronically:

1. Go to the district website

2. Scroll over the “Families” box at the top of the page. Click on "Skyward Family Access."

3. You should now see a login page. In the drop down menu towards the bottom, make sure you click on family/student access.

4. If you do not know your Login ID and Password, please check with the secretary at your child's school.

5. On the left blue bar in Family Access, click the section titled, "Required Data Collection 20-21 School Year."

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Washington Apple Crunch

Let’s make a noise that can be heard across the state to celebrate Washington agriculture!

Apples are a big deal in Washington – we grow more apples than any other state! More than half of all apples in the US for fresh eating come from orchards in Washington State.

Students bite into their apple and CRUNCH across Washington at 12:00 on 10/7

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Taste Washington Day

October 7th is the annual Taste Washington Day. Students who enjoy hot lunch on 10/7 will have the chance to enjoy a fresh, delicious, Washington apple.

"Taste Washington Day offers our kids a chance to establish a deeper connection and develop a better understanding of our state's food system, from farm to fork and each step in between. The more opportunities our children have to learn about the people, time effort and resources necessary to turn a seed into a crop, the more they will appreciate the food on their plates. As the next generation, it will be up to them to continue our state's agricultural heritage and history."

Taste Washington Day is an annual event coordinated by WSDA Farm to School, OSPI Child Nutrition, and WSNA.
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National School Lunch Week October 12-16

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Feeling remote school stress?

Being a kid is challenging to navigate without the added stress of COVID-19. As students learn from home, here are some tips to spot stress and what to do about it.

Internet Access Support

Does your family need help securing internet access for your student? We're working on solutions.

If you are concerned about internet connectivity issues, please reach out to us via email at: to explain your specific internet situation or to place inquiries regarding connectivity.

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Earthquake Drill 10/15 at 10:15am

Are you ready to ShakeOut? We are! #ShakeOut is coming up soon on 10/15 at 10:15 a.m., make sure to register yourself or your organization online to be counted among the millions participating:
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Screening Children at Home

Parents are expected to screen their children daily prior to school entry for a fever >100.4 and symptoms of Covid-19 which include:

🛑shortness of breath
🛑sore throat
🛑loss of taste or smell

🚫Students with any of the above listed symptoms are not permitted on district buses or in school district buildings.

🚫Students with a known Covid-19 exposure within the previous 2 weeks are not permitted on district transportation or in school district buildings.
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Covid-19 Return to School Flowchart

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💉👩‍⚕️Free Drive-Thru Flu Vaccine💉👩‍⚕️

Thursday, Nov. 5th, 2:30-5:30pm

209 Lynch Creek Road East

Eatonville, WA

Free Drive-Thru Flu Vaccine

Flu shots for the whole family without leaving your car.

Mark your calendar:

Eatonville's date is Thursday, November 5th from 2:30-5:30pm at Eatonville Elementary School.

Free Flu Vaccine

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Decision Tree Guidance for Reopening

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7 Tips to Help Your Child Adapt to Wearing a Mask

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Attendance is Important

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