Manon Rheaume

Manon is as srong as a bull

Who Is Manon Rheaume?

Manon Rheaume was the first woman in the NHL. Manon Rheaume is 43 years old. She is the Tampa Bay Lightnings goaltender.She is a silver medalist in the Olympics.Read more about Manon Rheume below.


Manon Rheume was born on February 24 1972 and loved hockey when she was a youny girl. She learned at the age of 3.And stopping boys sots since she was 5.She lived in Lac-Bauort Quebec.Because she loved it so mach and her loving family.Her mom Nicole,her dad Pierre, her older brother Martin,and her younger Pascal.That made her the first and last girl in the NHL. Pretty cool right.

How Manon Rheaume got into her sport

Manon Rheaume got into her sport by playing in her brothers tenement as goaltender. At the age of 5 years old.At the age of 12 she played hockey year round.When Manon was a little girl her dad set up a little rink.She loved hockey ever scene.

Sport/Team Info

Manon Rheaume was a amazing goaltender.She played on a all male team in the NHL. Manon played for the Tampa Bay Lighting. She played for 18 teams.So she is pretty amazing.


Manon Rheaume is know for some cool accomplishments, here is some of them. She was a Olympic silver medalist. Manon has a 3 year contract the empoison teams in the minor league, affiliate and a shot at being the first woman to join the NHL. Manon was the first woman in the candies Jr. leage.That alot


Manon Rheume is a amazing person. Manon is 5 foot 7.She weighs 130 lb.She is a goaltender she caught left. She was the first and last girl in the NHL.