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Week of December 7-12, 2015

Campus Action Plan

Key Actions:

(1) Kiest Elementary will increase Scholar Achievement in Reading, Writing, Math and Science.

(2) Kiest Elementary will Improve the Quality of Instruction off all Scholars by Increasing Rigor and Engagement.

(3) Kiest Elementary will Maintain a Positive Culture and Climate for Scholars, Parents, and Staff.


As this first half of the school year comes to an end, it is crucial to continue the excitement and expectations felt by the scholars and the staff when we first started just few months ago. For our scholars, a positive school climate means: to be engaged in every subject and every class, to have supportive relationships with peers and their teachers, to feel that they can go to any teacher or staff for help when needed, for both, academics and social emotional, and to feel that they come to a classroom environment that is fair, challenged, and positive.

For our teachers and staff, a positive school climate means: to have a positive rapport with all scholars, responsive to their individual needs, to create an environment with two-way communication with families and staff, to have the resources, tools, space and equipment necessary to do their job, to receive the training and support to follow protocols for recognizing difficulties, managing academics, teaching practices, and supporting each other with colleagues that are willing to walk the same path of high expectations.

For our entire school community, a positive school climate means: to have a school building that is in good physical conditions and work actively to maintain it, to feel safe at school, and have a school experience that remains positive when difficulties arise. It is to be respectful of each other and build constructive conversations aimed at resolving all conflicts.

It is important to continue what we eagerly started back in August... engaging in genuine conversations with our scholars and connect with all of the students in your grade level. Laugh with them, and allow time for them to laugh. If we can engage the scholars and continue supporting each other, we can create an environment of collaboration and the fulfillment of a great year.

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Holiday Orchestra Performance was a Great Success!

Our talented 5th grade Orchestra scholars were invited to the BA Feeder's Holiday Performance at the Shiloh Terrace Baptist Church last week. Twelve scholars attended this special event with their parents. Thanks to Mr. Spake, our Orchestra Teacher, to organize such an memorable event for our scholars.

Building a Curriculum of Great Classroom Talk

From the International Literacy Association- Written by Anna Gratz Cockerille

In many classrooms I visit, students do not raise their hands. They are taught early on how to participate in discussions where raising hands isn’t necessary. They respect the speaker’s turn, they listen carefully, and wait for an opportunity to respond. The teacher acts as a facilitator or a coach for the conversation, not as the sole channel though which information can pass. In these conversations, questions are valued as highly as answers. The goal is to create new ideas, ideas that perhaps even teacher had not considered, not to regurgitate old ones.

Although it is so easy to default to the standard way of running a discussion, hands raised, teacher calling on one at a time (often the same few), there is magic when you say to students, “Put your hands down. I’m not going to call on anyone. Just speak when you have something to say.” Doing this sends the message that your students’ voices are just as valuable the teacher’s.

So what happens in a truly great great whole class discussion? A few ideas might come to mind:

  • Students listen carefully to one another and respond directly to others’ comments.
  • One or a few topics are explored in depth.
  • New conclusions, understandings, and ideas are grown.
  • New questions are raised.
  • All students’ voices are heard.

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Grand Conversation - Kelly Jones 4th Grade East Side Elementary

Itinerary ~ Week of December 7 - 12, 2015

Monday 12.7 Announcements this Week 3C

  • Attendance is due by 9:00 AM

  • Baylor Dental Clinic Grades 2-3

  • AF Campus Support Visit 8-11AM

  • ACP Pep Rally 1:45PM K-2 Parade

  • ACP Pep Rally 2:15PM 3-5 Assembly

Tuesday 12.8 Announcements this Week 3C

  • Attendance is due by 9:00AM

  • Baylor Dental Clinic Grades 2-3

  • PLC @ 3:15PM - ACP

Wednesday 12.9 Announcements this Week 3C

  • Attendance is due by 9:00AM

  • Administration Mid-Year Review 12-3PM

  • Tutoring 3:00-3:45PM

  • Science Club

Thursday 12.10 Announcements this Week 3C

  • Attendance is due by 9:00AM

  • ACP K-5 Math

Friday 12.11 Announcements this Week 3C

  • Attendance is due by 9:00AM

  • ACP K-5 Reading

  • Lesson Plans are due by 4:00PM

  • New Teacher/Mentor Social @ 5:00PM

Saturday 12.12

  • Mayor’s Race 1K/5K @ Reunion Park