Eagles Updates, Week 8

October 12- 16 2015

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What's Morale Got to Do with It?

What a remarkable night! On Friday, October 9th, Quail Valley Elementary took first place for most tickets sold at our district's first ever Sugar Shindig!

Ms. Portugal, our fabulous Sugar Shaker, did a fantastic job getting teachers and staff motivated to attend this event and even had a few of our students asking where they could purchase tickets!

Our wonderful PTO- donated 4 tickets, a parent, Deborah Dornes, made an additional donation and our very own Ms. Campbell purchased a ticket that was also included in our drawing.

The energy of QVE is untouchable and highly contagious as several district leaders stopped by our table Friday night to tell me how much they appreciated and enjoyed the school spirit and dedication we demonstrated! One teacher from another school approached me and shared that because of our school’s enthusiasm – it gave their school courage to do the same! See- we are encouraging risk-taking and excitement across the entire district!

I am a huge believer that the energy you put out into the world is what you will receive! And because of passion and boldness we demonstrate for our school- greater things are on the way for our community!

What does all of this have to do with student learning? In an article titled Impact of Staff Moral on Performance in School Organizations, the author, Nicholas Omoregbe, a Senior Lecturer at Covenant University, shared the following:

...A pleasant and emotional climate for staff and students in school setting has the mysterious powers of boosting staff morale and enhancing their self-investment in their work. Colleagues should frequently be injected with zeal by school managers by regarding their observations, recognizing their worth, making policy matters plain to them and trusting their capabilities and disabilities.

Making teachers feel that they can take responsibility to make improvements in the teaching and learning situation in the school, motivates them to perform and feel satisfied (Ellis on Herzberg 1984). Teachers, who feel cherished and allowed to take on innovative tasks, have their morale increased to perform better.

The more wins we have as a team, the more we can encourage, model, and promote these same feelings among our students and our families. Strong teams with strong bonds can accomplish any task they put our minds to – especially with enhancing the learning that is taking place within our schools.

So what does all of this have to do with student learning? EVERYTHING!

The Sugar Shindig win was just the start of demonstrating the spirit and fire of Quail Valley Elementary! This passion and love for our GREAT school is beginning to spill over into everything we do!

Look out Fort Bend- Quail Valley is on fire and we’re taking the world of education by storm!

Thanks to all of you who supported this venture and made this win possible.

Looking forward to many more success stories!

Let’s make it a winning week or not. The choice is yours.

Principal Spears

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What's Up at QVE this week?

** October is Math/Science team's time to plan for QVE Lounge Upkeep and Team Potluck

Monday, October 12th Student Holiday/District Professional Development

Monday, October 12th Employee Handbook Acknowledgment form due to Ms. McKinnon

Tuesday, October 13th PLC Lead Meeting

Wednesday, October 14th SLT

Wednesday, October 14th - Flu Shot Clinic after school

Wednesday, October 14th Chick-fil-a Spirit Night with the Enrichment Team

Tuesday, October 20th Teacher Appreciation Day (10- min massages )

Wednesday, October 21st Committee Meetings after school

Tuesday, October 22nd Report Cards sent home

Saturday, October 24th Color Run 9:30-11:00

October 26th - 30 Red Ribbon Week

Wednesday, October 28th QVE 40th Anniversary Celebration at 4:30 pm in the cafeteria

Thursday, October 29th Team Leader Meeting at 3:30 in conference room

Ways to Differentiate Instruction

3 Ways to Differentiate Learning Stations
Differentiate Instruction Using Choice Boards
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RSVP for QVE's 40th Anniversary Celebration on Wednesday, October 28th at 4:30

Dear Eagles,

Please view invitation at link below to RSVP for this event.

Looking forward to a wonderful celebration!


Your Partner in Education,

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FBISD Bowling Night Updates from Coach Levingston


  1. Holley Elementary-566
  2. The Oddballs-466
  3. Splits Happen-457
  4. Spare Time-436
  5. Viking Strikers- 435


  1. Holley Elementary-4 points
  2. The Oddballs-3 points
  3. Splits Happen-2 points
  4. Spare Time- 1 point
  5. Viking Strikers- 1 point
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Dare to Serve Challenge - Day 30

A huge thanks to all our teams for participating in our Dare to Serve Challenge last week as we pledged to support a community organization! We know that leadership is ultimately about service to others and we want to make sure we are connecting our students to the community by demonstrating the value of giving back to others. It’s important that as we teach our students valuable leadership skills that we will help them understand the value of “giving” and “service.”

Each team has been assigned a community organization that you will serve in some way. Our Dare to Serve Challenge, for Monday, Day 30 is for someone on your team to send a thank you note to your designated community organization that will also inform them that you will be sponsoring their organization this year!

Once you have completed your note- please post a copy on your wall (next to your poster) and snap a picture and email to me! The first three teams to do this will win the following:

1st team – 200 points

2nd team – 100 points

3rd team – 75 points

Every other team will receive 50 points!

Good Luck!!!