How it can be used to create screencasting videos

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Make the Video Your Lesson!

Customize it!

This where you get to customize the video to meet your teaching needs. Add your own voice commentary for the whole video, insert short comments, and/or add formative assessments like a quiz or a short answer question where ever you like with the tools on this screen. Each tool has a short but informative tutorial to make the process clearer.
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Easily Add Assessments Here

Adding a quick assessment is easy. First click on the green question mark above the video on the right. Then simply start the video and at the place you want to insert your first question just click the green tag that follows the video on the bottom. Next choose a question type and add your answers. Click save after each question to move along in the video. You can add as many question points as you like. When you are satisfied and want to be done just click Finish in the upper right corner. Your video is done!
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After the Video is Created

The next few slides will take us through adding a class and inviting students to watch it.
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Time to Invite Students

Here you can invite your students to join your class.

Give your students the code that appears, they can enter it on their student account or send them the link at the bottom.

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Assign Videos to the Class

When you have videos you want your class to see you can add them by first going to your My Content tab and selecting a video. Check out the next slide to see what that step looks like.
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But My Students Don't Have Devices To Respond Individually!

That is an issue that many classes are faced with. To get around that you could make your video as usual and watch it as a class on the Smart Board; when you get to the question parts use an app like Plickers to allow for individual responses. You will get the same formative assessment but not through the progress screen available in EDpuzzle.

Monitor Student Progress

This screen under the My Classes tab allows the teacher to monitor student progress in each video. The upcoming tab will show any other videos that are assigned but not in progress yet.
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