By Arianna Martin

Nature of work

  • What duties and tasks do you perform?
-Draw multiple pages of rough pencil sketches.

-Flip through the pages to test the characters’ motions and fill in drawings as needed.

-Trace final drawings onto clear plastic sheets (“cels”) and paint the cels.

-May focus on only one aspect of the animation, such as characters or backgrounds.

-Some create models for stop-motion animation

  • Where do you work? What conditions?
-Animators usually work in design studios, either at their homes or in offices. These are typically well-lit, clean, and comfortable spaces in which to work.

  • What abilities are needed?
-Drawing accurately

-Doing small and detailed tasks needing careful handling

-Being aware of how colors, shapes and patterns are used in design

-Having your own creative ideas about designs and styles


  • What schools can you attend to attain your professional training?

-The Ohio State University

-New York University

-University of Texas at Dallas

  • How much education do you need?

-4 year college or university

  • What school subjects are important?

-Grade 9, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies - Geography, Dramatic Arts / Music, Visual Arts , Computers , Health & Physical Education

Personal Impression

  • What are the best and worst parts of this career?

-The best parts are having my art out there in the world for all to see

-The worst parts are eye, neck, wrist, or back strain from spending long hours at design boards or drawing tables.

  • Which of your values does this career match and how?

-Doing small and detailed tasks needing careful handling because i have O.C.D

-Using the technical and creative skills of photography/film because I've always loved photography.


  • How much does the job pay per year/hour?
-Entry Wage Hourly:$20.70 Yearly:$43,050

-Median Wage Hourly:$28.50 Yearly:$59,280

-Experienced Wage: Hourly:$39.90 Yearly:$82,98