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Science page by Ethan Charpentier

Intro to Me

Intro to me: Ethan Charpentier

I was born on February 7, 2005 in a Hoag hospital in Newport, CA. I have lived at the same house since I was born. I currently play tackle football for the Santa Margarita Blue Eagles.

In school my favorite subject has always been Science. I'm exciting to be doing actuall experiments this year.

Intro To Science 6

In intro Science 6 we have done measurement, microscopes, mini mapping units. In the measurement unit we measured different items like tennis balls, tongs, cups. We also weighed those items. In our microscope unit we looked at salt crystals, different kinds of sand, and letters. Some people also looked at cow hair. Lastly in our mini mapping unit we mapped out different areas. Mainly California but also the whole United States. All of that was just in our intro to science.

Intro to science units!

My favorite Intro to Science Unit: Microscopes

Why microscopes where my favorite intro to sciences unit.

Microscopes where my favorite unit because it was interesting to see objects when they are magnified by either 40x, 100x or 400x. Also some microscopes could magnify 1,000x. I liked looking at the salt crystals because they looked like diamonds or jewels. I did not get to look at cow hair though or bamboo cane. You could really see the little details.