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Welcome Back!!

We cannot believe that in just a few weeks students will once again be walking our halls. This means that summer is almost over and as sad as we are to see our summer end, we are excited to begin a new school year. Our staff members have already been in the building working on their classrooms. They are getting ready to welcome back returning students and also welcome new students to the building this year. Welcome back letters are being mailed out today so please look for them in your mailboxes soon. If you do not receive a letter by the end of next week (August 16), please call our office so that we may assist you. If you have moved over the summer please make sure that the office has your updated address on file. If you need to change your address, please stop in the office to complete a change of address form. You will need to provide your updated drivers license along with a secondary proof of residency (consumers bill, water bill, etc). As always, if you have any questions or concerns please contact our office at 810-591-1300. Enjoy the end of summer and we will see you soon!

Upcoming Events

August 26 - Syring Open House from 6-7pm

August 27th - First day of school. 1/2 Day PM (12:30-3:40)

August 28th - First FULL Day of school

August 30th & September 2nd - NO SCHOOL- Labor Day Weekend

September 3rd - SCHOOL RESUMES

September 11th - Picture Day

Our Daily Schedule

8:32 a.m. Students enter the building (8:20 a.m. if students are having breakfast).

8:40 a.m. School begins (students must be in class ready to learn when the bell rings)

3:40 p.m. Students are released from school

Just a reminder, any student not in their classroom when the bell rings at 8:40 is tardy.

Student Attendance

Please note that student attendance is critical to student success. We need our students present, on time, and ready to learn each morning. If your child is walking or being dropped off at school, please plan accordingly so that they arrive by 8:30 and have time to take care of their things and be in class ready to learn by 8:40 am.

Volunteering & Field Trips

We love volunteers! If you would like to volunteer to work with our students in the building or accompany our students off-site on field trips, you must complete a volunteer profile sheet. Profiles sheets need to be redone each year and are available online or in the school office. We have also attached the link directly below to download the volunteer form.

Second Step Curriculum at Syring Elementary

At Syring Elementary School, we use a social-emotional curriculum called Second Step. This program helps students learn the skills to help them enact the CREEK behavior expectations of safety, respect and responsibility.

One of the key set of skills is called skills for learning: listening, focusing attention, using self-talk to stay on-task, and being assertive when asking for help with a learning task.

Another key skill is showing empathy, identify their own and others’ feelings, notice and respect same and different feelings, and show compassion. Compassion involves saying kind words or doing something helpful to show you care how another person feels. When students can identify, understand, and respond in a caring way to how someone else is feeling, it helps create a positive and accepting school climate.

Emotion management is the third set of skills that are taught. In these lessons, we prompt students to notice their own feelings by paying attention to clues in their bodies, and we remind them to use their Second Step skills to calm down:

· Stop—Use your signal

· Name your feeling

· Calm down: Breathe, count, use positive self-talk

These skills help students calm down strong emotions when faced with learning and social challenges, which helps them succeed academically and get along well with others. Second Step lessons specifically teach about calming down strong emotions such as anger, disappointment, frustration, and anxiety.

Another key component of the program are the problem solving “STEPS”:

· S: Say the problem

· T: Think of solutions

· E: Explore consequences

· P: Pick the best solution

As you can see, the first letter of each step spells the word ”step.” Remembering “step” helps students solve problems with each other in safe and respectful ways. Second Step lessons specifically teach students to use each step and reinforce the message that solutions need to be safe and respectful.

The final set of skills taught are friendship skills. We remind students to invite others to play, play in fair ways, take responsibility for mistakes by making amends, and how to handle name-calling assertively. These skills help students make and keep friends.

Please tell your child’s teacher if you’d like more suggestions about supporting skills for learning at home.

Save your Coca-Cola caps and Box Tops!!!

Please save your Coca-Cola Brand caps and boxes that have codes on the inside and send them to school with your child. Syring earns funds when you save these for us! We have a wonderful volunteer who enters all the codes for us. We have already earned over $1000 in the past year!

Also, please save your Box Tops for us. We earn 10 cents per Box Top for our school and this adds up quickly for our school. Our same wonderful volunteer counts all the Box Tops for us to be submitted. We earned over $1000 last year!!

Thank you for your support!!

Free Money from Kroger and Office Depot/Max

You can help our school earn money through Kroger Community Rewards! All you have to do it enroll at to connect your Kroger card to Syring Elementary. Our school's NPO number is FH488. Then whenever you shop at Kroger and swipe your rewards card, Syring will automatically earn money.

You can also help our school earn money through Office Depot/Office Max to help purchase school supplies! All you have to do is give our school's name (Syring Elementary) or our ID number 70052713 at checkout and we will earn money just by you shopping!

These are just two small ways you can help your child's school earn free money!!

Student Safety and Security

Student safety and security is very important to all of us. Please review our drop off and pickup procedures that were mailed home with our welcome back letters.

Our building is locked at all times, anyone entering must identify themselves at the front door. Any adult entering the building must stop in the main office and sign in and receive a visitors badge. In the mornings as children enter the building, we ask that you please say goodbye in the drop off lane or outside the doors unless you are entering to volunteer.

Syring PTO Members

Our PTO Executive Board for the 2018-2019 school year

President- Stacey Springer

Vice President- Becky Beverly

Secretary- JoAnne Zofchak

Members at Large- Abby Henry, Kelly Johnson, and Jeanne Wiard

As always, please let our PTO know if you can help with school activities. Thank you!