Being Polite

Jake Patterson

Setting #1

My first setting is in Des Moine Iowa. I lived in a yellow and white house. This is a very important place because this is where I first learned my manners. My Mom and Dad taught me to say please and thank you. And how to greet people.

Plot Event 1

When i was younger my mom and dad told me to say please and thank you. I always had to have my parents tell me when to say it but i did. After I was getting good at saying please and thank you they taught me to say hi how are you. After i learned that i almost never used it. I got better though.
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Mom and Dad

These are my loving parents that taught me some humor and a lot of manners and telling me to be polite.

Moving Day

We are moving from Des Moine to Norwalk. I didn't really care and didn't know what was going on but we were moving.

Setting 2

The rest of my story takes place in Norwalk.
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This is Mr. Larson, I first met him at Lakewood in 3rd grade. He has taught me a lot about respect and manners. We always have good conversations and say hi in the halls. i'm also good friends with his son Grant.

Plot Event 2

I met Mr. Larson at Lakewood. He helps me with manners and i test them out and have good conversations with him at lakewood.

New School

I moved to the Middle School.
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Farmers Award

This was a great day not because of the award but of all the manners i heard while present here. My whole family got to learn some farm manners and i got to learn some good jokes.
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Mr. Nelson has taught me some funny manners. Hes a great guy and really funny. Hes good with manners and saying hi to me in the hall every day of the week and year.
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This is a Facebook thumbs up. This is what people feel like when you say hi in the halls or ask them how they are. They feel good and happy for the day.
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This is kid president he has a lot of respect and polite videos on his youtube channel. Our school has showed us some videos.