Mishler Memo

September 25, 2015

Volume 3, Number 8

"The most powerful predictor of student achievement is the quality of relationships among the staff."--------Harvard Principals Center

What's new WMS?

Starfish of the week...

From Holly Sautter to Jace Stewart for his helpfulness.

From Tamie Spangle to Darla Eberly for helping her be the teacher she is today.


You should be completing and finalizing your professional goals.


If you would like to contact our PTO, e-mail them at wmspto@wawasee.k12.in.us

Builder's Club

Please turn in your Warrior time candidate name to Kathy Owen if you haven't already. Please include Warrior time teacher. They will miss 2 Warrior Time periods a month. Send the candidate's name to: kowen@wawasee.k12.in.us


We will continue to celebrate student NWEA growth. After 2 years, we are moving to more of a permanent Warrior Head, thank you to Kathy Owen, Mike MacOwan, and our custodians for getting the Warrior head secured to the wall. Next memo will show the growth with feathers. Teachers, please see Eldonna to get your feathers and have students celebrate their growth prior to SLC Thursday.


September 21 Chip Olson-Financial Advisor at WMS from 11:00-1:00

September 29 Tornado Drill 11:00 a.m.

September 30 ACT Meeting for ACT committee members @WHS Warrior Room

October 1 Student Led Conferences 3:30-7:15 pm

October 2 Team Leader meeting 7:15-8:00 am in Trent Beer's room

October 2 6th Grade Convocation during ENCORE-Meteorology and Weather Alerts

October 6 Fundraiser Forms Due

October 8 Health Screening @WMS for staff

October 12-16 Donate to Relay For Life and wear jeans (donations collected by Eldonna)

September/October WMS STAFF BIRTHDAYS!

28 Tamie Spangle

1 Kaz Szynal

3 Bevlyn Brown

10 Lindsey Rademaker

13 Joyce Dubach

14 Kevin Hite

28 Mike MacOwan

29 Amy Brown

29 Carly Everingham

SMART START Wednesday's

All Smart Starts will start promptly at 7:40 am every Wednesday morning.

Location will be in the Lecture Room unless noted otherwise.

September 30, 2015 Security Test Training (See email from Joy Goshert, sent Sept. 15-Have documents read prior to Smart Start, you will be signing that you have read the information)

October 7, 2015 Departmental Meetings (ELA/MATH/SPED-NWEA Data and WT remediation discussion, other departments working on year long goals you set for your department)

October 14, 2015 Departmental Meetings (more info to come)

Upcoming Student Events!

Check out the sign up sheet outside Mr. Johnson's door for events to be a part of!!
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Homeroom Writing Prompt

Weekly Prompt:

"What is your favorite season, and why?"

From the Desk of .sJ

Google Site Stuff

I would like to take a moment to give a HUGE shout out to all of you who are working like crazy on your Google sites! I have seen many of them and they are looking awesome. For this section, I would like to offer a few tips of my own (and some tips from other people),

Email Link - when creating your page, you may choose to create a link that a person can click on and be taken right to their email service with your name punched right up. It may sound technical, but it’s really easy.

  1. With your cursor in the place on the page where you want your link, navigate Insert, Link

  2. On the ‘Create Link’ pop up window, select ‘Web Address’

  3. In the ‘Text to Display’ box, type in what you would like to show on your site. For example ‘Email Mr. Johnson’

  4. In the ‘Link to this URL:” box type ‘mailto:youremailaddress’. Substituting your email address for the text ‘youremailaddress’. For example, I would type "mailto:sjohnson@wawasee.k12.in.us"

  5. It is recommended that you check the ‘Open in new window’ checkbox, the new email will open in separate tab from the user’s search.

  6. Then click ok, and you are good to go!!

  7. Here is a link to a video that shows the process. Click Here for video!!

(Thanks .aL)

Future tips will include calendars and Twitter feeds!!

School Safety #2 Response

Last week’s school safety scenario involved seeing something suspicious. The best option here would include not moving the item, informing the office and assisting in keeping others away.

Remember to log discussion of School Safety responses in your team meeting minutes.

Have a great week,

Shawn J
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What's New IDOE!!!

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Skyward Quick Link

There is also a Skyward Mobile App---free!


Wawasee Middle School

WMS Athletics Twitter @ATHLETICSWMS

Remind 101 (for delays/cancellation/important info)

text @e491 to (219) 312-1032

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