Save the Elephants!

They need your help


Elephants are mammals. They are the largest land animal in the world. They have gray skin and communicate by making sounds too low for us to hear (NZ).


African elephants can live in forests ,woodlands and deserts (WIK)

Critical information/Reasons for Endangerment

Human encroachment is causing elephant populations to decline, along with ivory hunting. Elephants are hunted for their ivory which sells for large sums of money(WIK). Elephant hunting is illegal in most countries but few have the money to enforce them. Between 1979 and 1989, the African elephant population fell from 1,300,000 animals to 750,000(NZ). Much of this is attributed to ivory hunting.


  • Both African elephants males and females have tusks to defend themselves
  • Elephants have large ears to help cool off in the hot sun of the deserts.
  • They have thick skin to help protect themselves from predators.
  • They have large legs to help them travel long distances.
  • They have a trunk to help them carry things or break things.
  • All WIK

Food chain

Few animals try to eat this large animal, though some desperate predators try(BPB)


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