Well Known Psychologist


Wilhelm Wundt

  • What year was Wilhelm Wundt Born?
  • What is "Contributions To The Theory Of Sense Perception"?
  • What Book was the the most important of the history in psychology?
  • What University was the first psychological library built at?
  • Is Wilhelm Wundt the father of Psychology?
Ten fun facts about Wilhelm Wundt

Edward Titchener

  1. What Did Titchener study?
  2. What is Structuralism?
  3. Where did Titchener become a professor?
  4. How does introspection, and Structuralism play a role in psychology?
  5. What is Stimulus error?
Edward Bradford Titchener

William James

  • Who is William James?
  • What is Pragmatism?
  • Did William James write the Principles of Psychology?
  • What Was William James religious beliefs?
  • Where was He born?
William James, The Psychology of Possibility: His life and contributions to the field of psychology

Mary Calkins

  1. Was Mary Calkins the first woman psychologist?
  2. What memory asset did marry Calkins invent?
  3. What school did Marry Calkins attend?
  4. Why is 1891 so important?
  5. What is Self Psychology?
Mary calkins

Margaret Washburn

  • What age did Margaret Floy Washburn earn her PHD in Psychology?
  • What major psychologist did Washburn Work With?
  • Why did Washburn retire?
  • What year did Washburn serve as president for the American Psychological Association?
  • How Many Books Did she Write?
Margaret Floy Washburn