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August 19, 2021

2021-22 School Year Update

Hello SLCS Community,

We continue to prepare for the start of the 2021-22 school year. It is always an exciting time and we cannot wait to see our students in our halls and in our VLP classrooms.

Students participating in the In-Person Pathway will attend five days of face-to-face learning beginning with the first day of school Tuesday, September 7th. Students participating in the Virtual Learning Pathway will also begin classes on Tuesday, September 7th virtually.

On August 5th information was shared regarding the SLCS plan to start the 2021-22 school year. Please see this chart from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services which lists CDC COVID-19 prevention strategies (as of August 13, 2021) to keep schools safe and what those guidelines look like in our schools. In addition, responses to some of the frequently asked questions from families in our community are shared in this communication our buildings.

COVID-Related Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will my child’s school or classroom be moved to remote learning? SLCS is prioritizing maintaining in-person learning for students in the In-Person Learning Pathway during the 2021-22 school year. However, in some cases, for example an outbreak, direction from a health order, or large number of quarantines, there may be a time when a class or school is asked by the health department or district administration to implement additional mitigation measures.

2. What if there is a large increase of COVID-19 cases that could impact our schools? Our state and local health departments monitor cases and trends daily and our District is in regular communication with health officials. Our district will continue to follow all mandates and work closely with our local health department.

3. Is it possible conditions may change and masks will be required? Yes, a mask requirement could be issued by a federal, state, or local health agency. There may also be a time, based on local conditions, in which District administration requires students to wear a mask for a period of time.

4. Will staff monitor/enforce mask wearing for those students whose families want them to wear a mask?

Teachers will not enforce mask wearing for individual students. Families will need to communicate their mask expectations with their children in advance.

5. If my child is directed to quarantine, how will their absence be recorded?

Last year special allowances were made for pupil accounting purposes by the State.

This year, students who are isolated/quarantined will be marked medically absent.

Medical absences are not included in counts for truancy purposes, so long as documentation is provided such as a doctor’s note for an illness or a letter from a health department indicating that a student must isolate/quarantine.

6. What are the provisions for isolated/quarantined students to learn at home?

Students who are absent due to a COVID-related absence will be provided with school work to remain caught up with their classmates. Students will have the number of days they were absent to make up their work once they return to school. Additional details will be shared by classroom teachers and school administration.

7. Will SLCS be offering a virtual option this fall for the students enrolled in the early childhood center (preschool classes)?

No, there are no virtual options for preschool courses.

8. Will elementary school students in the Virtual Learning Pathway have SLCS teachers for all of their classes?

Yes, elementary students in the Virtual Learning Pathway (VLP) will have SLCS teachers for all of their classes.

9. Will middle school students in the Virtual Learning Pathway (VLP) have SLCS teachers for all of their classes?

All or nearly all courses in a VLP middle school student’s schedule will be with SLCS teachers, including ELA, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and the 6th and 7th grade rotations. Additionally, there are virtual options with SLCS teachers for 6-8 art, technology, music and 8th grade Spanish I. Middle school students may have one 21f (vendor) course for an elective if they are interested in an elective we are not offering as a VLP course.

10. Will high school students in the Virtual Learning Pathway (VLP) have SLCS teachers for all of their classes?

At the high school level, there are a number of courses that will be taught by SLCS teachers: Algebra I, Geometry, English 9, English 10, Biology, Geo-Physical Science, 20th Century American History, World History, Spanish I. The balance of a high school VLP student’s schedule would be 21f courses, most likely with a Michigan Virtual course.

11. Will students be provided with a Chromebook?

Yes, our District will be providing each student in grades JK-12 with a device for use this year. Secondary students will be using their devices both at home and at school. At the elementary level, students will keep their device in the classroom and teachers will have students use the devices as part of their normal learning. Since they will not be taking their device back and forth between home and school, students in the elementary schools will not be assigned nightly homework that requires a device.

12. Will my student receive a free breakfast/lunch?

Yes, All students will be eligible for free breakfasts and lunches again this school year.

13. Should my family complete the Free and Reduced Lunch application if we qualify? Yes, it is very important if families qualify as this data is used to determine which districts and schools are eligible for additional funding and services. A qualified Free and Reduced Lunch application can also assist a family in other ways such as reduced pay to play fees, AP exam registrations and other additional support.

The plan and above FAQ responses are based on the District’s current plan. We anticipate this to be a fluid situation and changes may be made. The District will continue to provide timely communication regarding any changes.

First Days for Elementary In-Person Pathway Students

In-Person Students in Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten:

We are excited to welcome our Junior Kindergarteners and Kindergarteners to their first elementary school experiences! To help our youngest learners easily find their classroom and teacher, elementary buildings will schedule brief time periods for small groups of Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten students to visit their classroom with a family member on the morning of Tuesday, September 7, 2021. Additional details regarding the schedule will be shared by each building in the coming days. We encourage students and their family member to wear a mask while indoors and visiting the classroom.

The first day of school for Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten students is the first full day of school on Wednesday, September 8, 2021. Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten students who will be riding the bus are able to ride the bus on September 8th and students who will be walkers or dropped off are able to follow their typical arrival routine as well. To help limit capacity and crowding indoors during arrival, families will be asked to leave their students at the door to the building. Staff members will be available at arrival to support students and help them to their classrooms.

In-Person Students in Grades 1-5:

We are excited to welcome our students back this fall! The first day of school on Tuesday, September 7, 2021 is a half day for students in grades 1-5. To help limit capacity and crowding indoors during arrival, families will be asked to leave their students at the door to the building. Staff members will be at the entrances during arrival to welcome students and help them to their classrooms. Additional details regarding arrival procedures will be shared by each building in the coming days.

Virtual Learning Pathway Students in Grades K-5:

We can’t wait to begin the school year with our elementary Virtual Learning Pathway students! The first day of school will be a half day on Tuesday, September 7, 2021. Additional communication will be shared soon with information about student daily schedules and additional helpful information to begin the school year.

Secondary In-Person and Virtual Learning Pathway Students:

We are excited to welcome all middle school and high school students in our In-Person and Virtual Learning Pathways for their first day of school on Tuesday, September 7, 2021. The first day of school is a half day for all secondary students in both pathways. Please look for communication from your child’s school for more information about the start of the school year.

Junior Kindergarten Eligibility Window

Junior Kindergarten is a free, optional first year of school designed for students who turn five between September 2 and December 1 of 2021 (students who would only qualify for

Kindergarten using a waiver). Students who attend Junior Kindergarten go on to attend a full year of traditional Kindergarten the following school year. When space permits, students who turn five between June 1, 2021 and September 1, 2021 may be considered for the Junior Kindergarten program, as there is often room for some children with late summer birthdays.

For the 2021-22 school year, students who turned five between April 1, 2021 and May 31, 2021 will be considered for the program as well. This adjustment to our practices is being made as we have a number of enrolling Kindergarten students with limited preschool experience due to the pandemic.

If your child is enrolled for Kindergarten and you are interested in your child enrolling in Junior Kindergarten instead, please contact your school principal.

If you know someone who is not yet enrolled in the district who is eligible for the Junior Kindergarten program, encourage them to reach out to Jean Hanka ( for information on how to enroll in Junior Kindergarten.

Junior Kindergarten is a districtwide program and is not housed at all school sites. Brummer, Hardy and Pearson do not house our Junior Kindergarten classrooms. Our Sayre program site is full. Spaces are still available in our Junior Kindergarten classes at the following school sites: Bartlett, Dolsen, Kent Lake, and Salem.

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Transportation Updates

*Students will be expected to sit in their assigned seats.
*Student bus information was shared earlier in August. A Skylert near the end of the August will be sent asking families to check their Skyward to see the most up to date bus information for their student(s).

*Masks must be worn on buses.

Public Notices

Public Notices

Please see this link for important information regarding the following topics.

Disclosure of Personal Information
Contingency Plans
District Policies and Procedures
Notification of Rights Under the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA)
Project FIND Special Education/ Section 504 Notice
Title IX Policy
Requirements for Student Immunizations-More information from OCHD
Pest Management
South Lyon Community School District Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) 2015-2016 Notification
Management Plans
Periodic Surveillance
Section 504 Notice of Nondiscrimination
Nondiscrimination Policy
Stormwater Management
Search and Seizure
Solving school-related problems
Mckinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act
Drug-Free Environment/Protection
Personal Curriculum
Programs for English Language Learner Students
Title l Funds: Parent Involvement