Jason Brooks

Description of Job

They provide treatment and prevention of injuries to the neuromuscular system. Chiropractors manipulate joints, bones and soft tissue to help clients control pain or prevent injuries from happening again.

Certifications and Education Required

  • 4 years of full-time education.
  • 1 year of clinical internship to obtain license.

Daily Activities

  • discuss their symptoms and health problems in detail.
  • carry out an examination, sometimes using x-rays or blood tests
  • take into account any previous diagnoses made by medical practitioner
  • design a treatment program for a patient
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Pay and Salary

Beginning - $100,000

Average - $136,000

Potential - $189,000

Necessary Skills

  • human structure and function
  • orthopaedics and physiotherapy
  • biochemistry and biomechanics
  • general medicine and internal medicine
  • diagnostic skills and methods
  • practical, manual skills and chiropractic techniques
What Is Chiropractic? By Palmer College

Places of Occupation

  • Shoal Creek Chiropractic
  • Kansas City Chiropractic
  • Baker Chiropractic & Acupuncture

Fun Facts

  • Established in 1895
  • One of the most successful chiropractor ever was BLIND!
  • Getting chiropractic care doesn't hurt.
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