Nelson Willam

From Home Remedy To Lice Removal Company, Getting Rid Of Lice Becomes Easy

Lice are tiny and wingless parasites that thrive in human hair. The spread of lice from one head to another may not be considered a major problem for the reason that these small creatures do not carry any disease and is not a threat to one’s health. But because they are contagious and frustrating to deal with, they must be treated despite their harmless nature. It is best to treat lice at once to prevent the spread from one person to another.

Lice may have a tiny size, but it is actually not hard to spot them. The first signs to look for are lice eggs or nits. Lice eggs cling to the hair shaft very close to the scalp, a warm place where they can thrive. Lice eggs will not fall by simply shaking the head, or will not be removed by merely shampooing the hair. When these eggs hatch, they become baby lice or nymphs, and eventually, adult lice. Lice have a sesame seed-like appearance with a brown to tan color. Adult and baby lice survive by feeding on human blood which they get from the scalp. When lice bite, the scalp becomes itchy due to the reaction from the lice’s saliva. Itching of scalp is actually one of the signs that there are lice thriving on the head.

There are varied ways on how to get rid of lice. From home remedy to traditional medicine, from over-the-counter drug to lice removal company, there are different ways on how to get rid of lice, and it is just a matter of knowing which one best suits the person who suffers from it.