Amazing intrests on Hurricanes

November 16th 2012 Written by Molly Cammack

What is a Hurricane?

Hurricanes are one of natures biggest dangers. They are also one of natures most interesting formations. Hurricanes are on of natures most explored creations. There is a lot about hurricanes that people do not know.

Hurricanes start to form as a small tropical storm in warm waters with a temperature of at least eighty degrees Fahrenheit off the coast of Africa. Hurricanes maintain their strength from energy in a warm body of water. Hurricanes weaken when they hit land because they are straying from their source of energy, water. Hurricanes can also be called typhoons; typhoons are the same as hurricanes they just form in a different area. The hurricane season is from early May to late December.

Categorizing and Naming

Hurricanes are categorized with the Saffir-Simpson scale. The wind speeds determine what category the storm will fall into. The categories go from one being 94-95 miles per hour to categories five being 155 miles per hour and up. Hurricanes are named through six lists of male and female names that alternate every year. If the hurricane does exceptional damage to that certain area, that name becomes retired and another name will comes into play. From the year 1950-1952, hurricanes were named by the phonetic alphabet, ( alpha, beta, and so on.) Then from 1953-1979 the U.S. Weather Bureau started to name hurricanes by woman's names because hurricanes can be out of control " just like a woman can be." In 1979 men's names were introduced to the six lists.

Hurricane Mitch

Hurricane Mitch formed October 22nd 1998. It made landfall first in Honduras on October 29th 1998, and hit Florida November 5th 1998. Hurricane Mitch was a category one hurricane when it made landfall. Mitch reached wind speeds of 180 miles per hour. This hurricane caused $40 million in damage, and caused 9,000 deaths. Flooding caused all of the deaths in Hurricane Mitch. There were just as many deaths as there were missing. Mitch was one of few hurricanes to travel through Mexico in 1998. Hurricane Mitch was the 10th latest forming hurricane in 1998.

Hurricanes can be dangerous, but they are still a very beautiful and complex thing of nature. Not everyone really understands how interesting hurricanes really are. Now that you have a little more knowledge on the subject of hurricanes and I hope that you can use it in ways that you couldn't before!