The HuntingGround Analysis

By Jasmin Ruvalcaba


In this documentary it is obvious that college campus's don't do anything to stop the reported sexual assaults.


The purpose of this documentary is to show how many sexual assaults occurred in different college campuses and they put no attention towards it.

Do you think the producers sucessfully achieved that purpose?

Yes, the elements that helped achieve this documentary's purpose was personal interviews, pathos. and statistics.


In the documentary, it states that more than 16% of women in college are sexually assaulted. 88% of those women sexually assaulted keep quiet and don't report it. Sometimes the colleges never do anything about it anyways, when they are reported. 45% of colleges reported 0 sexual assaults.
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Personal Interviews

They had personal interviews with the victims, their parents, and college's faculty staff. While interviewing the victims they shared their stories and how it all happened, also what they would of done differently. Giving advice to girls out there, telling them what to and not to do. The victims parents were also interviewed. They were just talking about how hard it was, having to listen to their daughters explain what happened. The faculty staff just kept talking about it like if it was no big deal. They never did anything about the reports filed.
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The man above was accused of a rape in his college years. He was a big football player, really good, really popular. No one ever thought that he could of done something like that. When officers found out, they wanted to ask him questions and he said no. Even the faculty at the college defended him and didn't allow any interviews with him because of the fear of maybe loosing his career because of this.


An example from the film is the graduation music, it sets the mood of the movie. Another, is the facial expressions it shows you how they feel about the subject/topic. The stories that they tell will affect them in the long term. Stories that they'll forever remember.


In conclusion, this is why I believed the college campus's took no action in all this. Yes this video touched me. Touched me because it actually hit me thinking about all of this, and how it's actually really happening. This is sad to see, the victims saying their stories, having trouble talking about because I know it must be hard.