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October2020 - Cultivating a CREEK Community of Excellence!

Our mission is to prepare our students to succeed in a global society through a quality education.

End of Quarter Reflections

This is the last week before the end of first quarter, which is October 16. This week, students will be in the midst of preparing for their mid-terms, completing their mid-terms, finalizing assignments for their classes and preparing for success in 2nd quarter. Students, teachers and families have worked hard during the first nine weeks of school to ensure student success in and outside of the classroom.

As we finalize first quarter, I encourage families to continuously check on student grades and engagement in Canvas through the Canvas App and the PowerSchool Parent portal app. You can check in real time on the progress that your child is making using these resources. You can also always ask your child to pull up their "Clever" account and ask them to access PowerSchool and Canvas through their accounts. The information will be the same, and students can help to discuss their grades, engagement and attendance with you.

In each portal and app, you are able to check attendance with your child. You will notice that if students were counted present, they have the code of (1R) by their name. If they were counted as absent, they have a code of (2A) by their name. Please celebrate student presence with your child and set goals if improvements are needed for attendance. It is important that each student is in every class everyday. It is important that each student is engaged in their classes and assighments daily as well.

This is also a great time to check with your child to see if they have the strategies and resources to extend their successes. Check to see what strategies or resources your child is using to manage his or her time. Do they use a calendar or another organizational tool to keep up with due dates and time that is needed to study and complete assignments? Check to see if they have strategies that they use to stay abreast of their grades and attendance in class. Checking Clever each week is a helpful way for students to reflect on each class for the week to stay on top of assignments and grades. Take time to encourage and celebrate during your reflection sessions. Our students and teachers are working collaboratively together to ensure that learning is taking place at high levels, and we want them to know that we support them.

We are excited about the home/school partnership that we have to support the needs of our students. Please continue to monitor and support student attendance, learning and engagement. We encourage communication and collaboration between teachers and families, so if you need to schedule a conference or connect with your child's teacher, please do so . We look forward to continued success in second quarter.

2019-2020 Second Semester Grade Choice Requests

At the end of 2nd semester of the 2019-2020 school year, parents of students in grades 9-11 were able to select the grade for the semester or a PC19. Students received a WC19 if they would have failied the course. Families who didn't make a choice were automatically assigned a PC19 for passing grades. Families who did not make a grade designation in the spring have 45 days into this school year to determine if they want to keep the PC19 or choose the grade for one or more courses from the spring semester of last year.

If you did not make a choice last year, and you are interested in reviewing your child's grade to determine if you would like to make a different choice, please check your child's grades from 2nd semester in PowerSchool. If you would like to request the grade instead of PC19, please complete the form below.

MCHS Early Voting Site - 10/15 - 10/31

Mallard Creek High will serve as an early voting site from 10/15 - 10/31. Voting will take place in our main gym during this period. The time for early voting is as follows:

Weekdays - 8:00 am - 7:30 pm

Saturdays - 8:00 - 3:00

Sundays - 1:00 - 5:00 pm

The right to vote is one of our most sacred as American citizens. I encourage each of you to take the time to cast your vote. Feel free to take the opportunity to vote early at our school site if you live in Mecklenburg county, and to share this opportunity with your neighbors and friends.

Maverick Pride!

Plan B - Face to Face & Remote Academy

During the CMS Board of Education meeting, a plan for the district to phase in from a Plan C to Plan B was approved. Below is a link to the presentation in English and Spanish. High Schools are scheduled to phase back in in late December for exams, but will be fully engaged in Plan B beginning 2nd semester. We are in the process of planning for the return of our students to face to face instruction. We will be preparing to phase students in safely and smoothly. We will learn more about the December exam schedule near the end of October. We will share the details of the schedule and logistics in November's newsletter and through other avenues.

Families were able to sign up for full remote academy for the year. Families who chose the full remote academy have the option to choose face to face instruction for 2nd semester. Families who didn't sign up for the full remote academy this semester have the opportunity to sign up for the full remote academy for 2nd semester. Current full remote academy families who want to opt out of the full remote academy to participate in face to face instruction for the spring or families who would like to newly sign up for the full remote academy for 2nd semester must do so by December 4, 2020. Please use the form below to make the change.

If you have any questions about the form, remote instruction or Plan B, please make a note of your questions in the form, and an administrator or another staff member will follow up with you to answer those questions.


First quarter will end on October 16. Please continue to monitor student attendance, grades and engagement. Students will take their mid-term exams on October 14 - 16. The schedule will be the same as a normal schedule each day. The exam will be given during the designated 75 minute class block. Please see the exam schedule below:

Wednesday, October 14* - 1st and 3rd block exams

Thursday, October 15* - 2nd and 4th block exams

Friday, October 16 - Regular day, but make up exams for students who were absent during scheduled exam block

*Students will not attend their advisory blocks on these dates.

PTSA Meeting - Monday, October 12

Dear Maverick Family Member:

I hope you and your family are well and that you all continue to be safe and healthy.

As we continue our journey into the 2020-2021 school year, it is always our focus to make sure that we providing, a sound academic program as well as a safe and nurturing environment which will help guide our scholars into becoming productive and role model citizens within our society. We understand that one of the best ways to accomplish these goals is through our partnership with our parents.

Did you know that when parents join the PTSA, their scholars tend to excel in school? Did you also know that through joining the PTSA, your voice and advocacy would help to design the best school for our scholars? These two points represent how important you are to the success of Mallard Creek High School and each of our Mavericks.

The Mallard Creek High School PTSA has and continues to be a vital part within our school community. The PTSA has provided such services as assisting with programs to celebrate our MCHS staff, providing much needed classroom supplies, and has also helped to raise funds for important educational journeys. Additionally, members of the PTSA have served on various school-based committees which plays a strong role in making sure that the parent voice is included within the decision-making process of our school. We rely on and appreciate how our parents help with taking care of our school. This need continues as we embark upon a new year and a new journey toward meeting the educational needs of our scholars.

More so now than ever before, we need your voice to support the school, through your membership, with the PTSA. Whether as a member of a committee, a committee chairperson, or even as a member of the PTSA Board, your voice is both valued and needed. Please join us by reserving your space within the Mallard Creek High School PTSA today. If you are interested in joining us at our next meeting or if you have a special interest in becoming a PTSA board member, please contact Richmond Baker at We also ask that you all mark your calendar to join us, at our next meeting, Monday October 12, 2020 starting at 6:30PM in the Maverick Cafeteria.



October 19 - Teacher Workday (no school for students)

October 19 is a teacher workday for CMS staff. There is no school for students on this date. Please plan accordingly.

Governor's School 2021 - Summer Opportunity

North Carolina Governor's School offers a 5-week residential summer program for gifted and advanced high school students of all backgrounds. The curriculum focuses on exploration of ideas and themes in a wide range of disciplines and does not involve grades and tests. Information sessions will be held via zoom from 6pm to 7pm on October 15, 2020. A flyer is attached for interested parents and high school students. It includes the dates of the upcoming interest session. Please feel free to contact your child's counselor for additional information.


There is a group of students in each grade level who still needs to complete immunization or NC physical requirements in order to be compliant with NC immunization requirements. If you have received a call or a letter regarding your child's immunization needs, please complete those action items for compliance as soon as possible. If you have questions or needs about completing those requirements, please call our school at 980-343-1341 to speak with Nurse Anderson.

Upcoming Dates

  • October - 14-16- Mid-Terms

  • October - 12 - PTSA Meeting 6:30 PM

  • October - 16 - End of 1st Quarter

  • October - 19 - Teacher Workday (no school for students)

  • October - 20 - Beginning of 2nd Quarter

  • October -15-31 - Early Voting in Gym

  • October - 29 - Creek Convocation for Select Freshmen 6:00 pm

  • November - 3 - Election Day

  • November - 3 - Teacher Workday (no school for students)

  • November - 11 - Veterans Day (no school for students)

  • November - 25-27 - Thanksgiving Holiday (no school for students)

Have a Great October!

There is No One Like You!

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