Class of 2018 Award Recipients


About the Award

The 'Class of' Awards are given to students and faculty that have significantly impacted the Cornell community. Class Councils recognizes those that are positive roles models to their peers, excel in their activities, and selflessly work to better the Cornell community.

Allison Arteaga

Allison Arteaga loves people, technology, data and combining all three in her research at the Social Media Lab and her community service work through LearnCS and Tompkins Learning Partners. She's currently the co-founder of the First Generation Association, a representative for the Women in Computing Club, and an undergraduate researcher through OADI.

Elizabeth Chi

Elizabeth is a freshman majoring in Environmental Science and Sustainability in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. She hopes that her time at Cornell will prepare her in her quest to create a more equitable and sustainable future.

Noah Chovanec

Noah is a freshmen majoring in Industrial and Labor Relations with a minor in Inequality Studies. On campus, he is involved with the Engaged Cornell initiative, Class of 2018 Council, University Hearing and Review Boards, Cayuga's Watchers, Meinig Family Cornell National Scholars, and Squirrel Club.

Justin Cray

Justin, a freshman Electrical Computer Engineering major, is the director of technology for Splash and the Cornell Model United Nations Conference and is an electrical engineer for the Mars Rover project team and Cornell University Sustainable Design. Justin is also on the SA's communications and Ivy Council committees and on the executive board of Prosperity Ithaca.

Randell Doane

Randell is a carbon based life form containing a curious soul, traveling through space and time, waiting to see what destiny brings, while trying not to hurt anything along the way.

Joshua Glasser

Josh has been committed to sustainability both on and off campus, leading the Beebe Lake Redevelopment Project as a Director of a team of over 40 students for Cornell University Sustainable Design. Josh is also committed to promoting social sustainability in the Cornell, Ithaca, and greater Tompkins county community, serving as the president of the Court-Kay-Bauer (CKB) Dormitory, incoming Finance deputy for Residential Student Congress, NRHH member, and President Elect of Prosperity Ithaca.

Isaac Hram

I’m a struggling freshman with all the same fears that any freshman might have; I’m also the happiest, facing these fears head on.

Alexander Lin

Alexander Lin is an Economics major in the College of Arts and Sciences. On campus, he is involved in the Cornell Undergraduate Asia Business Society, the Cornell Economics Society, the Cornell Board of Portfolio Managers, and the Cornell Annual Fund.

Amy Lin

Amy is a Computer Science major and sister of alpha Kappa Delta Phi, passionate about the arts and active in the Cornell Piano Society as a piano teacher, The Cornell Daily Sun's Arts & Entertainment section as a staff writer, and Intel-Cornell Cup as a project team member. In her spare time, she avidly reads and rereads books, figure skates, dances, and practices Turkish.

Mary Melati

Mary Melati is a freshman in College of Arts and Sciences studying Biology. She is Public Relations Coordinator for Campus Connection, Cornell Indonesian Association, and Into the Streets, Trip Leader for Alternative Breaks, Hospitality Minister for Cornell Catholic, Tutor at Boynton Middle School, and Studio Staff for Slope Studio. She encourages her peers to get involved with service in Cornell and the Ithaca community.

Claudia Nielsen

Claudia is from Barrington, IL hoping to major in Civil Engineering with an interest in non-profit sustainability initiatives. She can usually be found going on adventures with her film camera, at Lindseth climbing wall, or drinking coffee in a CUSD meeting.

Carolyn Schwartz

Carolyn is a Chemical Engineering major from Quincy, Massachusetts. She is a Liaison for the Society of Women Engineers, plays on the Cornell Women's Club Volleyball Team, is a new member of Kappa Delta Sorority, and was recently elected Junior Leader for the Concrete Canoe Engineering Project Team for next semester.

Carolyn Shone

Caroline is a passionate hotelie and Cornell Tradition Fellow with the hopes of pursuing a career in hotel operations and brand management. She is from Southern California, absolutely loves coffee chats and city lights, and dreams to live in Europe one day.

Julia Sun

Julia is a freshman from Lexington, Mass. in the College of Engineering and hopes to major in Computer Science. She is a part of Ithaca’s Big Brothers Big Sisters partnership and was a participant in Alternative Breaks this past spring break.

Tyler Triscari

Tyler is currently a freshman in the Arts and Sciences School here at Cornell University. He is from Greenwich, CT and his passions include playing water polo and spending time with his family.