Mrs. Etheridge's Class News

Class Projects

The learners have been hard at work on several projects in our classroom. They got the cornstalks painted and spent a lot of time figuring out ways to get them to stand up. They have been researching along the way to make sure that they are making it the correct way. They also started working on the corn cobs. Our next step will be attaching the corn cobs to the stalks. Once this is completed we can start talking about the animals that live in the cornfield and start researching more about them.

The learners decided that they wanted to turn the home center into a McDonalds. They started decorating the home center and adding the signs for the restaurant. They have started pretending to be both customers and employees at the restaurant. Next week we will create a menu and start talking about how we should price each item.

We have started a study on Jan Brett books. We read Town Mouse Country Mouse and we discussed the beginning, middle, and end of the story. We also discussed how she uses detailed illustrations in her books. We then read Inside Mouse, Outside Mouse which is written by a different author. We then made a chart to compare and contrast the stories. Next week we will read more of Jan Brett's stories and compare them to what we have already read.

Snow Day!!

Mr. Brad, a parent from Mrs. Collins class, came and shared with us how he makes shaved ice. He showed the learners the machine he uses and how he turns a block of ice into shaved ice. The learners were then able to make and sample a snow cone. Later in the day he shaved a bunch of ice and made buckets of "snow". The learners were able to have a snowball fight with Miss Mangum's class. We talked about how the snow turned to water and what would make it melt. We had a lot of fun exploring ice and snow.


Today a Fundraising packet went home with your learners today. There is information in the envelope that will explain more about this Fundraiser.

As we are working on projects there are some things we need to complete these. We are in need of cotton balls and green tissue paper. If you can send any of these in we would appreciate it.