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Malaki Cayton 3rd Hr ELA


Plagiarism is the use of text, images, ideas, sounds, and videos as your own.

Two Types of Plagiarism and the Consequences

There are two types of Plagiarism


  • Copying a friends work
  • Cutting and pasting directly


  • Poor to no citations
  • using too many quotes

Consequences - An F on the assignment, Suspension or Expulsion from school, and Dismissal from Sports or School

What is a Citation?

A citation is used to give credit to the author or publisher of an article if you used it in a paper or writing. This doesn't mean you can just make a paper out of other peoples stuff and cite it, at least make your paper 50% of your own.

There are two main types of a Citation

  • MLA - The (Modern Language Association) style for documentation. MLA styles breif citations in the text keyed to an alphabetical list of works cited that appears at the end of the work. (Source: Official MLA website)

  • APA - The (American Psychological Association) style originated in 1929 when a group of psychologists, anthropologists, and business managers convened and sought to establish a simple set of procedures, or style rules, that would codify the many components of scientific writing to increase the ease of reading comprehension.

    (Source: Official APA website)
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Does Everything Have to be Cited?

No, Facts that are well knows are considered common knowledge and don't have to be cited.

Common Knowledge is well... common knowledge, but sense it is common knowledge you don't have to site it.

Example - George Washington was the first president.

What is a Quotetation?

A quotetation is using a sentence from someone, placing it between two quotations, and then citing it. It is best you don't use whole paragraphs.

Reliable Resources

Reliable sources usually include the domains .gov and, .edu. (.com, .org, and .net have some reliable info) If you find reliable make sure you have the link to the website, the publisher and perhaps the copyright date and author.
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