Proposed Alaskan Oil Rig

Should it be built?

My name is Wyatt Fairbanks, CEO of Exxon Mobil. We have plans to build a highly beneficial oil rig off the coast of Alaska. We have met opposition in these plans, but this article will hopefully clear it all up.

Oil rigs, being very complex machines, require many workers to keep it running smoothly and safely. This would bring enormous job opportunities to the area. Also, another oil rig in the area can lower the price of gasoline, thereby improving the local economy, which also can spread to other places, in effect making the entire world's economy just a little bit better. Additionally, the smoke released into the atmosphere is good for the environment, it puts more carbon into the air in an area that is relatively lacking because of cold temperatures and absence of large vegetation. When the rig is finished being used, it can become part of the Rig-to-Reef program and be a PART of the environment, providing homes for many fish. All in all, building another oil rig in Alaska would be an overall benefit.