Contents of My Purse

Want to See What is in My Purse?

Stories People Could put Together About Me

People would say I'm a girly girl. They would say I couldn't live without my phone, but that's true. I would never go anywhere without my phone. I could live without it but I kinda need my phone. They would probably think I'm preppy but I'm not. They could probably piece together that I like to smell good and not stink. They would also know that I go to Jefferson Highschool.

Assumptions People Would Make About Me

People would probably assume that I'm girly girl. They would of assume that I didn't like to smell bad, or that I smell bad because I have deodorant with me all the time. The would maybe assume that I have an awesome bestfriend. They would assume that I like to shop. They would assume that I lost my great grandmother because of her in loving memory paper. They would assume that I love Starbucks. They might also assume I go to church!

If All They Had Was My Wallet or Purse

If that's all they had they would be missing a lot. They wouldn't know very much about me. They would miss out of how much I love my family. They wouldn't know that I play three sports. They wouldn't know know what my food or favorite tv show is. They wouldn't know what I like to do on my free time. They would know I have 3 dogs, 2 pegions, and a chicken. They definately wouldn't know about my full personality. They would be missing out on so much.

Should I Change What's In My Purse?

No. I should not change what's in my purse. What's in my purse is very useful to me. It's stuff I need and have to have with me. The stuff I have in my purse is not misleading but if anyone feels the need not to like what knhave then, I would like to see what's in your pockets? Haha!
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