Professional Development Plan

A personal approach to technology integration

Preparing Ourselves and Our Colleagues for Technology Integration

As a technology coach, it is important to attend conferences pertaining to our profession to keep us up to date on the ever changing waves of technological growth in the realm of education. This informational site provides technology coaches with thoughts and ideas for ways to advance your own technological knowledge along with providing insight on how to provide your colleagues with meaningful opportunities to learn more about technology integration.

Conferences and Professional Development for the Coach

As a technology coach, it is important to keep up to date on the technology world by attending conferences and gaining more information and insight to better support and aide our colleagues and teachers in their pursuit of using technology to aide in student instruction. Opportunities to attend conferences and professional development are available both in person and online.

Identify Mentors or Mentoring Programs

As the technology coach, or specialist, we are the leader in this area for our schools or district. Realistically, there are times when we ourselves need refreshers or support from others regarding technological programs. It is important to identify mentors or mentor programs that can assist technology coaches in their pursuit of helping our teachers become more knowledgeable about the various technology initiatives are offering.

Mentoring Programs can also be implemented to have teachers and colleagues that are comfortable with technology aiding others in their pursuit of implementing technology into the classroom. It is important to help others as much as we can as we continue to push for more technology in our classrooms.

Participating in Professional Organizations

Participating in professional organizations is not only beneficial for us, as coaches, but it is also vital for our personal growth and development. These organizations not only provide information regarding technology, but also provide various resources that we can not only use ourselves, but that we can share with our colleagues in their endeavors of integrating technology into the classroom. These professional organizations not only provide us with information and resources, but they also serve as a mentoring program with opportunities to engage with others who are working with technology in a school environment. We are thus, providing our teachers with a resource that provides additional support throughout the journey of technology integration.

Conducting Public Presentations or Professional Development

Getting ready to lead a presentation or professional development in your school or district can be stressful. Knowing your district, your colleagues and the expectations of teachers is important to provide the most meaningful learning opportunities for those individuals that attend your presentation.

Getting Started in Your School or District

Proposal Idea and Plans for Providing Instructional Technology Support for Colleagues

You are probably thinking, okay this all seems great, but how do I help MY teachers and colleagues? I used to think the same thing, but it is important for your think how you can help in your district because it is different for each coach.

Below I lay out some of my own ideas for providing support to my colleagues. As previously mentioned, you must find ways to do so that pertain to your teachers, your district, and the initiative that you are working with.

A few plans and ideas that I have for my own district include, but are not limited to:

  • Looking at our districts scope and sequence (curriculum) and seeing where technology integration fits in
  • Looking at our framework for APPR and seeing where technology fits in
  • Providing opportunities for teachers to share what they would like PD on
  • Co-teaching with teachers that are incorporating instructional technology
  • Providing opportunities for teachers to obtain professional development during the school day, after school, and online to fit teachers varying schedules
  • Having varying levels of professional development for teachers based on the needs of teachers

Making sure we match our professional development with the needs of our teachers and colleagues is very important to ensure the best use of not only our time, but the time of our teachers and colleagues.

Tips For Teachers On Using Digital Technology

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