Friday Focus

Friday, March 20, 2015 . . . vol. 2, no. 26

Friday Focus is a quick digest of news and notes for members of the Indianapolis Public Library Shared System.
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It's Alive!

The library at Christel House West Academy was formally opened this week and dedicated to Yvonne Shaheen, a member of their board of directors. Yvonne played a significant role in raising money to buy the new books for the new library. Don't you just love the rocking chair she's sitting in? She did a read-aloud as part of the opening celebration. I think the chair is going to get a lot of use, especially with all those wonderful brand new books waiting to be read!
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Heartwarming Horse Story

CHW school library manager Jackie Phend heard a news story about Jake, a police horse with skin cancer and mounting medical bills. The police horse barns are right next to the school, so Jackie (pictured above with the horses and police) knew the students would want to help. She talked with Rick Hunt, the principal, and the school decided to see what they could do to help. To raise money, the students did extra chores at home or for neighbors. Jackie wrote:

We presented the officers with the form each student had to fill out, indicating what they did and what they earned. Officers had TEARS in their eyes when they saw the envelope filled with the forms. We raised $200, which is HUGE for our population. Staff paid $2 to wear jeans last Friday.

It was truly an emotional event, Jake the horse was well enough to walk over to our school from the IMPD barn. The kids were SO excited to see Jake. Jake brought his friend Dusty (the other horse) with him. Jake's officer broke into tears when he thanked us.

The story made the news (see below)!

Stickers! We've Got Stickers!

IndyPL has stopped using some types of stickers on our books. Are any of you interested in adding stickers to yours? Here;s what I've got!

Science Fiction genre labels – 18 rolls; 500/roll

Fantasy genre labels – 18 rolls; 500/roll

Classic labels – 46 packs; 490/pack

TEEN (12 rolls; 2,000 per roll)

Concept books (27 ½ rolls; 2,000 per roll)

Toddler (8 partial rolls)

Science Fair (1/3 of a roll)

If you want a roll or two or 18, let me know!

Spring Break Already?

Debbie Perkins, the principal at St. Barnabas, our newest member, reminded her students to take home something to read for spring break. And they listened. We delivered EIGHT totes full of requested books on Tuesday. And we have seven more today that will be ready and waiting when everybody comes back from school the week after next.

I'll be on an abbreviated spring break myself next week looking at colleges with our oldest daughter, so no Friday Focus next week! Find a good book to read instead (or check out a magazine from Zinio!)

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